06-21-15 11:51 AM
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    Art, appreciate your efforts, but that's not the issue. The issue is random music being played on connection (and when hanging up on a phone call), when the music player is not even open.

    I've been in a meeting, using a BT speaker to share a conference call with a group of engineers, when I ended the call/hung up - all of the sudden the BT speaker started blasting music from my phone. Same issue with some car BTs occur with other BT devices (in my case BluAnt S4, Klipsch Gig, my home PC, and even the small BlackBerry BT clip on speaker)

    This isn't something anyone here can offer solutions to, it is a bug that BlackBerry will have to track down and fix. Everyone - please do as BlackBerry instructed me to do. Contact your carrier tech assistance and tell them you were asked to have a case opened with BlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10, Mostly from my Passport, occasionally my Z30
    lMAO! Im not laughing at you, im laughing with you on thine because the blue tooth speker thing happened to me too last week in a conference call, lol. Kind of embarrassing when you are in. Board room surrounded by fellow co workers, trying to have a serious "you need to fix the issues we are having or we are finding a new software team" when all of a sudden, "kung Fu fighting ringtone starts blaring, lol. Not cool, and if Blackberry wants to focus on business, this is not the way to do it.lol
    I am opening a ticket as you requested today!
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    02-12-15 06:16 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Try long pressing of the Bluetooth radio, then select device details.

    Attachment 332988

    Still on Z10...
    Yes there is that. Where is the setting to tell it where to play to? BT, speaker, headphones? There is none and should be.
    02-12-15 06:47 AM
  3. Sippican's Avatar
    I have a 2013 Toyota RAV4 and just got a new Blackberry Classic. The same thing happens to me. When the bluetooth syncs to the phone, the stereo turns off and connects to music on the Blackberry. The Blackberry has no music. I have the car Bluetooth to allow only phone use on the Blackberry but every time the car is started, the settings automatically change to include music. It is ridiculous and I have no idea whether this is a car or a Blackberry problem but suspect it is the Blackberry.
    05-01-15 01:15 PM
  4. eddy_berry's Avatar
    Hey guys. 2011 Ford Focus. All phones will auto play when connected, BUT BB10 phones do not respond to turning off auto play feature in the car radio settings. So if I connect an iPhone it starts playing music. If I set auto play off that iPhone will never play again until I tell it to. My Z30 does not care if the auto play in the vehicle is on or off it will always auto play. In simple terms the car and phone speaks a universal BT language, but BB10 somehow doesn't understand the word "NO".

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    05-01-15 03:44 PM
  5. spARTacus's Avatar
    The system in my vehicle will do something similar with my z10, but only when I switch between radio/usb to BT using the selection button on the radio or the hands free button on the wheel. Seems like when the phone/BT input option is selected, the vehicle's system and phone together determine that obviously I must have wanted to listen to music on my phone and it opens the music app and starts playing where I last left off. It was annoying at first until I figured out that if I didn't want to listen to music from my phone, then I shouldn't be telling my car to select my phone for music source. Now that I know how it works, it's perfectly useful.

    However, you seem to be having a completely different real problem with the music starting automatically after phone calls and such. I bet it is a combination of some miss matched BT commands at the wrong time between the phone and the BT system, with maybe both the phone and the BT system not following the protocol perfectly in certain situations.

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    05-03-15 08:11 PM
  6. stlscott18's Avatar
    Same issue. I want Bluetooth on to talk, but I don't want music to come on every time I turn my car on. I have Satellite radio too

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    05-03-15 10:30 PM
  7. Zipper's Avatar
    Mine has done this since OS 10 came out. It's not the Car's bluetooth at all. I have used my berries on a Ford Fusion, BMW 3 series and my Bluant S4. It's the friggen phones bluetooth play command. I have a Z10 supplied by my work and a Classic as my personal. It's completely intermittent which phone decides to launch the music player upon pairing.

    So in short, it's a blackberry bug/thing. Really odd. Never used to happen on OS7.

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    05-04-15 11:07 PM
  8. spARTacus's Avatar
    I have no problems with my car and my z10. Start my car and the phone shows that it has paired, and it does not start the music player. Make a phone call with the hands free buttons on the wheel and everything works fine, even when the call ends. Only time it starts the phone's player is when I select the hands free button to switch the input between radio, usb or bt (the z10).

    I suspect it is a problem with both the phones and the car systems (for certain specific combinations, and maybe for ones that do not have extended button select input options and therefore try to be smarter with "interpreting" what the user wants, but obviously getting it wrong for lots on people).

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    05-05-15 03:51 PM
  9. kvndoom's Avatar
    I have the opposite problem... my phone always pairs just fine with my Kemwood deck, but the Music app doesn't always start playing. The radio is set to Autoplay, so everything is set up properly.

    As with others, never had a problem on my two OS7 phones... my iPad has gotten flaky, so my BlackBerry is my main music device.

    Really wish the music app in bb10 was headless...

    Good news for me is that Kenwood finally released a firmware update that fixed some of the bugs that were definitely on their end.

    Posted from my non-camera BlackBerry Classic
    05-06-15 07:59 AM
  10. tolumrebyc2212's Avatar
    I'm also interested in the Dropbox link.

    laurent@ferooz.be my account

    Posted via CB10
    06-21-15 05:26 AM
  11. carter17's Avatar
    I don't have a rav but on my 2013 f-150 it also opens the music app on my classic. Also my note 4 does the same thing with the stock samsung music app when connected to the truck. But once I close the app on my BlackBerry or the Samsung it never opens anymore.

    Posted via CB10
    06-21-15 11:00 AM
  12. WES51's Avatar
    For those who say it never happened to OS7, it does currently happening to me using 9900 OS7 phone on Ford and Cadillac Vehicles. It does happen despite all my efforts selecting no auto play on both vehicles.

    The stange thing is, once autoplay starts, if you go into "now playing" and press the stop button on your Blackberry, you can't ever play any Music from the phone any more. In that case you would have to shut off the car and restart it to get BlueTooth music.
    06-21-15 11:51 AM
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