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    ***This was written partially as typing practice on the BlackBerry Classic keyboard, and partially as a source of helpful tips***

    A few years ago I bought a new BlackBerry Classic, at which point they only cost around $200. The phone is amazingly built, and although it is lacking in most respects compared to a modern smartphone, I wanted to get some use out of the phone.

    I have always been a BlackBerry user, but since the release of the BlackBerry Priv I have mainly stuck to the Android models, for the reason of app support. I have, since the Curve 9360, owned exclusively BlackBerry devices aside from a refurbished iPhone X that I bought a few months ago. The KeyOne was my daily driver up until some time last year, when it became apparent that my battery was not lasting nearly as long as it should, and juggling mobile battery banks became tiring. I, like many users, had planned to skip the unfortunately uninspiring Key2 and get the Key3, which never came.

    What have been the biggest issues for me with switching?

    The first issue for me was getting my rather large (over 30GB) music library from iTunes to the Classic. The problem was that many of the files were encoded with incompatible formats, like AIFF and ALAC, which BB10 seems not to support. I used an audio converter called FreAC for Windows to re-encode the files as FLAC, which the BlackBerry is happy with. Most of my music is digitized versions of LP records, which are digitized in a lossless format.

    The second issue was converting movies. Fortunately, most were already in the MPEG4 format, because that is a pretty universal standard, however I used Handbrake on a Windows PC to convert the rest.

    So, to recap, FreAC to convert your audio, and Handbrake to convert your video!

    The third issue was social media. As a young BlackBerry user (does 19 make me the youngest active BlackBerry user?), I use Snapchat and Instagram constantly to communicate with friends and share work I have completed. On BlackBerry there are rudimentary apps like i10 which provide some functionality, but are overall clunky and unintuitive. The solution? Making sure everyone has my phone number and knows that's where to contact me. Pretty nifty trick, huh?

    Overall the process of moving from an iPhone to BB10 was simple enough, knowing which tools to use.

    Looking at CrackBerry, it seems like a pretty substantial number of people still use BB10 devices on a daily basis. Do you use them as your "daily driver," or in a secondary role with something more recent? What are the biggest problems you encounter?

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    05-26-20 01:29 AM
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    I believe that we all shared our thoughts in the posts below.
    I use mine as secondary phone, with my third number in it. In fact, I have 4 numbers, but fourth is active only when I am roaming in one other country. For that purpose, I bought Z10 I plan to use it as hotspot. Don't know if its battery will hold to my plan, only time will tell, when this pandemic ends and I can travel again.
    My primary phone is Xiaomi Redmi 5, which I have for a bit more than 2 years, and my first two sim cards are in it.
    I cannot use Classic as primary phone because it lacks only few things which I use often. Gps navigation (trust me, I tried almost every app there is, and nothing works without some problems) and modern browser. Part of this second problem is slow cpu...
    But, for mail, calendar and other basic stuff it is perfect. Youtube is also usable, a bit slower than on android but works.

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    05-26-20 01:05 PM
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    Believe it or not, the Classic is my 3rd phone. I tried it as my main phone, but the browser just isn't fast enough to work as my main device. I now keep it in my desk at work mainly to use for email at the office.

    I use my key2, but I enjoy the email and typing experience so much on the Classic that I wanted to use it as a second phone. Unfortunately my work has me on Verizon's network which doesn't work for the Key2, and 3 phones are just too much to carry around.
    05-26-20 03:30 PM
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    At one moment in my life i carried 5 phones with me, with 8 numbers. 3 dual sim phones and 2 single. Luckily, that was only briefly, for a few days.
    Back to the point. I love my classic. I am writing this on it. But, for reasons I already stated, as much as I wanted to, but I cannot use it as my main phone.
    However, there is one way to do that, but it is not convinient for everyone. Someone here say to "pair" it with good tablet, that can be used for everything else the classic cannot do...

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    05-27-20 06:16 AM
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    While I love my Passport it no longer can run some programs I need when traveling. When I am home and around town it is my go to phone, fantastic sound. Rock solid keyboard.
    05-27-20 09:06 AM
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    Just sharing my experience. I bought this classic secondhand because I'm a real blackberry fan. My primary phone is an android and I decided to buy this as my work phone, specifically for answering emails, calls and text.

    As part of my work, I try to reply to my patients as fast as possible. However the problem is, most patients nowadays prefer to communicate over facebook messenger. I downloaded F5 on BBWorld and it works pretty well. The problem is, when I use this app, the battery drains so fast. But come to think of it, what do we expect in a phone battery that's 7 years old.

    As a secondary phone, classic is perfect in emails, some browsing and a chance to connect remaining people on blackberry BBM.

    As a primary phone, maybe you can be satisfied with this if you're not a media consumer and a user of social media.

    If I use social media here, I tend to prefer using Browser to prevent the battery draining so fast.

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    06-12-20 12:57 AM

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