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    So. Awesome chatter about the classic. Yep, have one and am using it on WiFi atm. I use a Samsung s8 and also a iphone 7. The Sammy with its dex dock is a real beast business tool. The iphone is a great phone as well.
    I'll use my classic until it won't work. Do I use it daily? No. Time and obsolescence have rendered it an occasional walk down memory lane. I still love to type on it. And no I'm moving on I didn't like the keyone.
    I loved using the classic. It was one of a kind for me. Now I'm a widower I hold on to it as my dear wife use to use this one. Soon it to will pass on as she did. Life changes. It holds her last texts, emails and she left an unfinished letter to me on it.
    Even with all that, her classic will fail soon the battery is about shot. Fitting as its time to move on. It's a bright world out there people, embrace it!

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    12-06-17 03:30 PM
  2. adycoke2's Avatar
    I would love to have an updated bold form factor, for me even classic it's to big and heavy

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    12-07-17 01:44 AM
  3. timflynn007's Avatar
    The Classic does what I want it to do and the audio quality is better than my iphone 7

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    Today 02:37 AM
  4. arfeo's Avatar
    Hands off the Classic!!! The best BB10 device, and one of the best devices ever made... FOR ME. And for a couple hundred thousands guys like me. A wonderful niche product. Please, feel free to buy a new Samsung or Apple flagman, and stop whining.

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    Today 05:00 AM
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    Why is this so popular among people to come to a forum where lovers and fans of some product or brand gathered, and to start writing posts like the OP? Samsung fans mock apple users on apple fans forums, apple fans mock android users on forums dedicated to Android. Is it so funny, huh? I hate Android, new Mercedes cars, and movies about Marvel superheroes. But I didn't even try to go and bother people who like that stuff with my hate.

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    Today 05:14 AM
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