1. Mir Ali3's Avatar
    I have about 100 phones Q20 that dose not charge the battery 100% if connected to charger powered on it charges only upto 60% and than shows charging but it dose not go over 60%, but if i charge the phone powered off it charges 100% can anybody help me solve this issue. I already reloaded the software and reset the phone and charge it with the original blackberry charger, cable.
    Any help will be greatly appriciated
    04-12-17 03:02 PM
  2. anon(10101748)'s Avatar
    Could just be not calibrating correctly. If you can get 8 hours out of 60% and 8 hours out of 100% then you have the same amount of battery. I'd be alarmed as well and it is weird that off will charge to 100. Have you noticed anything else weird about he device or is the 60% burning out quickly?
    04-12-17 05:25 PM
  3. Mir Ali3's Avatar
    No i did not notice anything different the battery seems good cause from yesterday till today the battery drained from 60 to 50% but I cannot sell the phone like this as the customer will send back saying it is not charging fully.
    04-13-17 10:12 AM

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