1. Baconwich's Avatar
    So I tweeted at Wind earlier in the month asking if they'd be getting the Passport or Classic, as my Wind Tab rolls over and resets this month (it did this morning!) and they tweeted back saying that they'd have the Classic later this month.

    So... hoping it goes live on the 17th/18th like everyone else? They weren't any more specific than "later this month" and I've started to worry, with the "Classic pre-orders are sold out!" bit.

    I wonder if it would be worth sticking with my Q5 until the white Classic comes out...
    12-15-14 08:11 PM
  2. Baconwich's Avatar
    Aaaand Wind tweeted today that they'll have the Classic "next month". Boo for my impatient self.
    12-16-14 06:50 PM

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