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    I am considering buying a white BlackBerry Classic, there's just one thing that I want to clarify and I'd be thankful to anyone who can tell that does the Classic's back texture like the White Z10 which was quite slippery or it is the same as the black one.


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    05-11-15 08:52 AM
  2. ponpiri's Avatar
    This guy who recently purchased the white had this to say


    Actually i am confuse which one to use , i was using the black ant waiting for white , but now i feel the black is more formal and more quality , but the white is new .. I dont know which one to use
    You are welcome ^^

    Actually till now i am confuse about which one to use , i feel the black have more quality when the screen off , also from back you feel more like a lether , and the white more like a plastic ..

    The thing that make me want the white because its new. What do you think ?
    05-11-15 11:16 AM
  3. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    BlackBerry doesn't use any special "coatings" for the back material of their white (coloured) phones. So there won't be any softtouch like material or that wax feeling like glass-weave for such colour variants. Reason for this decision was stated a while back to to longevity of the color. Using any "rubberised" material will result in quickly getting dirty white, which will look bad rather sooner than later. By using just plain plastic, that risk is heavily reduced, of course at the expense of not having that better grip of the black/dark colour variants.

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    05-11-15 11:57 AM
  4. abdulla saif's Avatar
    I dont know how is the white Z10 .. But the white classic is same the white Q10 from back ..
    And the black classic is same the black Z10

    I mean the same feeling when you touch it

    If you zoom this picture you will knowwhat i mean

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    05-11-15 01:05 PM
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    Thank you guys for your response. Really appreciate the help.

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    05-12-15 02:26 AM

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