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  1. Alexandru Teodorescu's Avatar
    Man, PLEASE sell me your New Classic! I'm desperate to have one, but here in Romania they didn't launch it officially.

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    02-07-15 09:29 AM
  2. terminatorx's Avatar
    I agree. Much slower than my q10 I don't care what the specs say. Search is slow. Texting freezes up completely. What a disappointment... looks like im going to have to go to the passport even though its about as convenient as sliding a pc into your pocket. Who makes square phone?
    Texting freezes up completely? You got 3 posts so far (all of which I may add, are criticisms of the Classic) and you come into this thread with these sweeping statements? How often does texting freeze, and please elaborate on that a little more. Did you install a leak, and out of 10 attempts to send a text how many times did it freeze? Did you consider it might be a problem with your BBID or carrier setup? When you say search is slow, slow compared to what? Is the search still going after you made your morning coffee, or just slow as in you think it's slow? What baseline are you comparing the slowness to?

    By the way 3 post Rob (and OP), your summary of the Classic seems unusual when taking into consideration the time spent from many other users to provide positive feedback like the following person:


    It's called trolling - the question is which class of troll: ex-fanboys, current fanboys, or never-fanboys. The last group is the most pernicious, as they are just iOS or Android people coming in to shake things up. Then you have to ask yourself... what kind of person takes the time to register on a site just to troll? That answer is getting easier to answer. It's people with too much time and no BlackBerry. BlackBerry people are important and don't have time to troll phone forums for other brands.
    I find there are 3 major categories of trolls on BlackBerry articles (not necessarily saying the OP is a troll though)

    • ex-fanboys for sure, who have switched to another platform but have grievances they can't let go of (or still just trying to justify the switch to themselves)
    • users who never used BlackBerry devices before, let alone the latest ones and just want to trash talk
    • short investors on BBRY stock. These are the most complex and troublesome of the bunch (IMO)

    #3 can also be 1 or 2 as well.
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  3. JustlMe's Avatar
    Coming from a iphone 6 user, I hated the lightness, pretty glad classic is heavy, feels like it won't slip out of my hands.

    As for slowness, not sure if it's the os or the specs (first bb), but I definitely can tell my iphone to be way smoother compared to my classic in app wise.

    No deal breakers to me though, this phone does what I want with awesome batt life

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    02-07-15 03:00 PM
  4. Vintage123's Avatar
    I like a heavier, thicker phone and I didn't find the Q10 to be unreasonably slow so I think I'll be satisfied with the Classic once I get one. Right now I'm using the Passport and just can't seem to conform to the keypad after xxx months of use. I am sure I'll miss the Passport's large screen, though. In this regard I'll hate to give it up.

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    02-07-15 03:51 PM
  5. chris8189's Avatar
    I've noticed a definite lag since owning the Classic. It's frozen on me a couple of times now, but I still love the phone. I see your point though, OP.

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    02-07-15 04:03 PM
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