1. latitude702523's Avatar
    Not sure if this has been posted

    BlackBerry Classic is now showing up on BlackBerry World

    BlackBerry Classic showing up on BlackBerry World-img_20141110_192557.png

    Posted via CB10
    11-10-14 08:56 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Got to start marketing it somewhere....
    11-10-14 09:04 AM
  3. slagman5's Avatar
    Yep, this has been posted, here is the 2nd post about it:


    ?Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10
    11-10-14 10:31 AM
  4. Artwerks's Avatar
    Yeah, it's a repost, was just a few threads before yours. But it's not like this forum is the most active, won't hurt to see some posts.

    I'd prefer to see more marketing than just BlackBerry World, release of the Classic can't come soon enough! It's the first time I have a phone upgrade waiting for a phone release as I usually upgrade every year (one off contract, one on contract) and the Classic is the only BlackBerry I want to replace my Z10 LE.
    11-10-14 10:37 AM
  5. Solar 77's Avatar
    Shouldn't it target BB7 devices app stores as well? Given the Classic's appeal to the Bold users?

    Posted via CB10
    11-10-14 12:05 PM
  6. anon(3951329)'s Avatar
    I thought OS7 devices were being end of life'd?
    It is from the production perspective of Legacy devices... but the most still haven't switched to 10devices specially the ones who had been using bold forever like me for example would think ten times before switching to a phone without qwerty and its set of keys....

    I had to finally make up my mind and switched to bbq10 but there were so many times i just felt like going back to bold 9900 as i could just do anything and everything much faster with the help of those added keys... but the q10 got over me and i am loving the Q10 but i would still pick the classic when its out

    So yes advertising on bb 7 app worlds would be the biggest marketing as that way you would get so many users who love the keys of bold......

    many who switched to z10 or z30 weren't blackberry key fans or mostly from a android/windows touch based phone....
    11-10-14 04:12 PM
  7. Quattro2's Avatar
    Would be nice if the sign-up form didn't produce an error message in red and if the search function on the BBW device page didn't return a 404 Not Found. Geez, test these pages before putting them up!

    Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D
    11-10-14 04:27 PM
  8. Matty's Avatar
    It's been updated.

    BlackBerry Classic showing up on BlackBerry World-img_20141113_160902.png

    Posted via BlackBerry Q5 on
    11-13-14 09:10 AM
  9. slagman5's Avatar
    Yes, now it works, thanks.

    ?Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10
    11-13-14 10:26 AM

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