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    so I have a Blackberry Classic. I used to have Instagram on it but I deleted it. Now I want to have it again but it doesn't work.

    The funny thing is, that when I open the app store it seems as if I already have Instagram downloaded because it doesn't give me the option "download" but only "uninstall" and "open". When I hit "open" it tells me that there is a problem and I should uninstall and re-download it. When I hit "uninstall" though, the app store crashes.
    I assumed that it had something to do with the new version of Instagram (before I only used the old one). Then I downloaded an older Instagram APK. When I tried to install it it told me that "I already have a new version on my phone which i should delete first in order to use the older version".

    I'm confused and frustrated. Does anyone know what to do?
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    02-08-17 10:54 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    What OS is you Classic on?
    02-08-17 02:53 PM
  3. fedk's Avatar
    OS 10.3.3

    I just now managed to install instagram again. And it doesn't give me the error messages as it did before. But now I do have problems loggin in. When i try that it freezes.. it doesn't event let my type in my entire unsername and password..any ideas how to solve that? I'm frustrated
    02-08-17 02:57 PM
  4. calculoso's Avatar
    That's due to the version of Instagram that you're using. The latest few versions have been freezing like this for me too.
    02-10-17 05:48 PM

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