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    Hey guys

    So here's a short story.. One day my Classic decided not to boot up anymore.. not to worry it's still under warranty and will get fixed. Send it out for repair through Telus and it was fixed and I received it back. However the power button on the phone is now lower and not protruding as much.

    In previous threads I read someone saying that the protruding power button causes issues in their pocket.

    Does anyone know officially when BlackBerry decided to change the feel/look/position of the power button? According to the repair facility it used to protrude about .6MM and now has been brought down to .2MM to .4MM.

    I want my power button back to the way it was when I first purchased the phone (the feel of it protruding out a bit was much better and now with it smaller, the button gets caught under the lip of the chassis sometimes and turns off my phone).

    I'm struggling to get in touch with anyone from BlackBerry regarding this modification and all I want is my power button to be the way it was when I first purchased the phone.

    Anyone else dealing with this? or do you prefer the lower power button?

    My phone now and my colleagues phone (which is same phone from original release date)
    BlackBerry Classic - Power Button modification-img_0080.jpg
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    11-10-15 03:17 PM
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    A question: A lot of times instead of repairing your device, BlackBerry will replace it with a new or like-new device. Are you sure this wasn't the case for you? In other words, are you sure it's the same exact phone and not a new one with the new power button?

    There will be no way for *you* to personally fix your button, and I'd recommend doing a warranty replacement with Telus again, but this time for the power button issue. It's not normal to have the button depressed in like that, or to have it cause the problems it's causing you.
    11-10-15 03:46 PM
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    It's possible that they did replace the phone but I can't guarantee it.

    However, any new phone pulled from a box apparently has the same style power button (lowered down)... I find this hard to believe but a store confirmed this by opening up a few sealed units (I never physically saw this) and they reported to the manager I've been escalated to on the Telus side with regards to this. Reason why Telus is involved is because they handle the warranty repairs for Blackberry

    The demo units at the store have the higher up power button so I'm really not sure who to trust anymore

    I can't believe I just can't get this repaired with Blackberry, it's been to their repair facility twice and they are considering the lower button "Normal."

    I don't know what else to do.. it's stressing me out for over a month a half now and no one is doing **** all.
    11-10-15 04:31 PM
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    Anyone? curious just on feedback
    11-15-15 09:24 AM
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    Some people will complain about anything possible. Next thing someone will be complaining about the backlight being too bright on the keyboard smh

    "Once you go Black you'll never go back"
    11-29-15 08:36 AM
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    I had no idea they decided to change the height of the button.
    I wish there was a changelog that was available, so we could review the transformation of phones over time.

    My Classic looks like your buddies phone. My power button sticks out a bit on the top. And I like it like that.

    If it's a serious nuisance for you, consider purchasing a different Classic. Maybe your buddy will trade devices with you.

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    11-30-15 07:21 PM

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