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    I really want to buy a Smartphone with a physical keyboard. Sadly the range of QWERTY-smartphone is very small.
    Besides Blackberry there is nearly nothing (LG F3Q, some case-solutions).
    I actually hope the Lumia 960 or the Surface Phone will have one and can't wait for it, but I need atleast an interim solution for now.
    The android smartphone Blackberry Priv seems to be very nice, but it is expensive and I prefer a landscape slider instead of a potrait slider.
    So I thought about the Blackberry Classic as an interim solution. Does anybody have experiences with the BB Classic and pebble. There is no official BB support, but there seem to be a few third-party solutions. Apps like Talk2Watch seems to have a few limitations (cant show the content of WhatsApp-Message due to restricted API). I also want to use my pebble apps, such as music boss, maptastic, golf app, navme, and so on. This will probably not be possible with a thirdpartyapp.
    I heard about some kind of android emulation, called Snap. Will it be possible to use pebble apps with Snap without limitiation (I also heard there seems to be problems with paid apps?)

    01-01-16 03:11 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Everything you specifically want from a Pebble and Classic combo as stated will not work. While the third party apps are great at offering the basics, they are limited and Snap won't help you in that regard as the apps won't communicate properly while being ran on a Classic<>Pebble.
    01-01-16 10:15 PM

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