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    Be aware , if your "Interactive Lock Screen Notifications" stop working on a Blackberry Classic could have something to do with "Blackberry Protect" website.

    "Interactive Lock Screen Notifications" are the notification you receive and can be viewed on your device with the screen locked, you can Tap on them to open and view. It is different from the notification you can view in the Hub.

    I recently wanted to test the feature "Find your Device" that could be done from anywhere if you have a computer, you have to register your device and have Blackberry Protect "On" on your device prior to that. Device location could be found,it could be locked,wiped or you can send a message to your device if it gets lost and who finds it would like to return it to you, all that could be done from a computer anywhere, follow the link https://protect.blackberry.com

    After I located the device which was in my possession at the time (it was just a test) I sent "Play a sound" , that worked, I didn't move forward to send a message to my phone, I believe I should have send a message that would have been displayed on the device to further make sure it really works. I believe after that point the phone stopped showing all Notifications. I attempted many "Restarts" and checked all possible variations and possibilities of On/Off settings all over the device for many days following. I even went to my service provider's store thinking that someone there can help, no one could, they don't have Blackberries anymore , all other phones but not Blackberry.

    Finally I went back online and I sent a message to my phone , the message was displayed on the device, I never attempted to do this initially, I should have, I believe the process was never completed, I should have "Locate" the phone and "Display a message " all that day , it would have save me a lot of headaches, now "Interactive Lock Screen Notifications" work again.
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    02-03-16 06:48 PM
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    cool, thanks for the tip!
    02-03-16 07:18 PM

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