1. johnnydoesai's Avatar
    Hate to say this, but I am starting to find flaws of the Classic that is getting intolerable...

    Generally, the Classic's performance by itself is quite good. Response is snappy, and even though lack of quality apps and their generally inferior performances hurts, its the basic functions missing that are its fatal flaws..

    For instance, when I connect my Classic to my car via Bluetooth, while it does connect, when I play music using the native music app, not only is song changing slow, it also stops playing for no apparent reason, and you have to unlock the phone and hit play again.

    I mean, I have almost never had any problems doing the same task with my Z3 Compact....I am not saying Android is superior, as text input on a full touch device is still a pain...and the Classic does this so well, but if it cannot get this basic function to work properly, I cannot help but think of the longevity of the Classic....and that it might be too underpowered to use in a very short span of time....

    I just hope future OS updates can fix this...cuz I need the QWERTY

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    02-08-15 08:56 PM
  2. CompMan2013's Avatar
    I hear ya. I needed to ditch it after a week of use. I knew going in about the dated specs but it was a combination of a few things that turned me away... Well not really turned away, but made me want to wait until the next classic comes out.
    02-08-15 09:03 PM
  3. BBUniq01's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about ur problem. Have my classic for a month and plays flawlessly on my car stereo via bluetooth. Even use the voice assistant to Play Music for me. Works great. I use a smart tag via NFC too.

    Posted via Classic
    02-08-15 10:22 PM
  4. eji930's Avatar
    If you have other primary functions this device isn't made to be your main driver, why would it be o_O before you purchase you know it's strengths and weaknesses thus I could never carry the Classic as my sole cellphone lol

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    02-08-15 10:31 PM
  5. deadcowboy's Avatar
    The classic with 10.3.1 is more sluggish than my Q5 with 10.2.1

    How is that possible?

    Posted via CB10
    02-08-15 11:55 PM
  6. TinMan555's Avatar
    Classic OS is a mare IMO
    02-09-15 12:50 AM
  7. Mike3110's Avatar
    I think it depends with how much music you have. I had 150 at first and the player was awesome, but once I loaded my entire library, 1,300+ songs, that's where the music app had problems... It's sad really.
    02-09-15 01:15 AM
  8. johnnydoesai's Avatar
    Yeah...I know its hard to have the best of both worlds (screen estate + full QWERTY) unless you dual wield. But for those of us who just want to carry one phone, I wish BlackBerry could at least make sure the basic functions perform smoothly...

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    02-09-15 01:41 AM

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