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    HI everyone,

    on enabling password lock, is there a way i can disable power on/off button on top until i enter my password ? Now here's the lowdown on what has happened with me couple of days ago...i had a blackberry Q10 and password lock was enabled...someone stole it and powered off my cell, took out sim card and threw it away .... since i had password lock enabled so i was sure the thief wont be able to access my data until he unlocks my cell with the correct password but now that he has thrown away the sim card, my blackberry protect wont be able to locate or wipe my data. Yesterday i purchased a blackberry classic Q20 and updated it, enabled a password lock but when i try to switch off or restart my cell it doesnt ask for the password but instead it does switch off or restarts without asking for password whereas for ever other action the cell does ask for the password before executing. Is there any solution ?? i dont want the thief to switch off my cell if my password lock feature is enabled
    07-22-15 04:02 AM
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    There is no way as far I know to have the phone request password to power down.
    Even though he removed the SIM, If it's powered on and accesses wifi, you'll be able to get access via BlackBerry Protect.
    What version OS was on it? If 10.3.2 and anti-theft was enabled nothing can be done with it. Upgrade your Classic to the newest OS.

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    07-22-15 07:04 AM
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    yeah i had my Q10 updated and so is my new classic...so i guess there's no way i can password lock the power down button...Bummer ! ty for replying
    07-22-15 02:08 PM
  4. Fastmarc's Avatar
    If you think about it, even if the thief couldn't power down the phone because of a locked, that still wouldn't stop them from removing the Sim. Either way they now have a brick.

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    07-22-15 02:51 PM
  5. ZeroBarrier's Avatar
    A Password Requirement on power down is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. It's a Q10, so removing the battery (which has to be done on the #10 to remove the SIM card) will power down the phone. For phones without removal batteries; you can just remove the SIM card and if you're super paranoid you can just place it in a small Faraday cage to prevent the device from receiving or sending any signals.

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    07-22-15 06:28 PM

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