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    Hey guys I picked up an unlocked blackberry classic and it came with a whole bunch of extra parts. My question is how should I store my spare battery? Should I swap them once a month? 3 months, a year? I would like to maintain a healthy charge. The battery is really easy to change. Should I fully charge the battery and store it until my battery goes bad or swap them out every few months?
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    From my readings, lithium batteries start to decay immediately after manufacture, so while you could store them long-term, they'll still end up with lower capacity over time. I'm hoping someone will chime in and say otherwise...
    01-05-17 07:05 PM
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    Also would you want to be taking apart and putting your Classic back together every couple of months? It may be better to store the spare and do a switch when the battery currently in the phone starts showing its age.

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    Unrelated, but could you please take a high-res photo of the label of the battery?
    01-05-17 09:25 PM
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    Every few months or even longer should be fine. Lithium Ion batteries will self-discharge over time, but it is pretty slow.

    There are similarities but also many differences to the older Ni-Cds we grew up with. The lifespan of Li-ion cells is shortened by high temperature, depth-of-discharge (DoD), high charge voltage, and number of cycles. They like frequent charging, and avoid draining them down to 0% as much as possible (a Li-Ion battery may provide only 300-500 cycles when deeply discharged, but TEN TIMES as many cycles when only discharged by 10-20%).

    The spare battery should be charged and then discharged to about 40% for long-term storage (keeps voltage stress to a reasonable level) and kept in a cool, dry place (keeps temperature degradation to a minimum).

    I have followed fairly careful battery management with the original Q10 battery, and there is almost no degradation after thousands of cycles over nearly 4 years.
    Blackberry Classic Battery Storage/info-img_20170105_200144.png

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