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    hello i have a problem with my classic. Something happened i'm not sure what was the reason. The problem is that when i try to charge battery with the phone turned on i can only charge it max to 60% but when i turn it off i can normally make full charge to 100%. I made hard restet and os reload but nothing help. If anyone have a solution or idea i could try i will be very thankful. I replaced the battery and it didn't helped.
    08-06-16 05:42 AM
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    Was there ever a time where this issue was not present? (and if so, do you have a back-up from that time period?)

    If not, I'd suggest using an autoloader to give yourself a fresh install of the operating system. If you choose the autoloader route, then don't restore your device from the back-up file, as that may re-introduce the issue.


    You also may find this tool useful if your interested in tinkering


    You're not the first with this 60% battery issue, i'm going to search the topics and see what the last guys fix was.

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    edit to add more information:

    here is the other topic i was remembering.

    I'd suggest this:
    What he said. And if that doesn't work, run the battery down to the point that it switches itself off (looping video at high brightness is good for this), then try turning it back on, repeat until it won't turn back on. Then, right away because it's not good to leave it with the battery discharged for long, plug into a decent (1 amp or better), branded mains charger, and leave it overnight.

    If this doesn't work, you should think about returning it. If that's not an option, proceed to a restore via autoloader or BlackBerry Link.

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