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  1. trustgsmx1's Avatar
    Recently purchased a Blackberry Classic to be used in addition with my Z30 and Q10,could not wait but finally it arrived my home address.

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    08-05-17 02:08 AM
  2. edikat's Avatar
    Just got a Q20 (Classic) and very happy, however it is quite heavy with a case (Tudia) that protects it well. My aim is to use it as a daily driver for the next few years to see if I can manage to stay with it that long.

    Previous five years with a 9900 that was sent to me by RIM as an evaluation unit back in 2012 by Alex Saunders (then the head of Developer Relations). I loved that 9900 and even converted a few people, but BIS was a problem when roaming so had to move on (still hold the 9900 as a backup).

    As an Android developer I get very odd looks when people see I carry a Classic
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    08-05-17 03:10 PM
  3. bh7171's Avatar
    Enjoy your Classic(s). In my opinion the best BlackBerry PKB ever to grace a BlackBerry device.

    Via the Cobalt Classic
    08-09-17 09:29 AM
  4. trustgsmx1's Avatar
    It's the second day I am using my recently arrived Classic after Unlocking it and it seems to be the best phone I ever used,strange that the public did not appreciate this gold phone and going after the android and apple waves

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    08-09-17 09:38 AM
  5. RegN's Avatar
    The whole bb10 problem was that it was too late. If they had got it out a couple years earlier they could have had a chance. Once most people got used to their new phones they were not going to go back to relearn. So sad we now have android to look forward to. I personally will never own an apple product. I grabbed a dtek50 for my wife and it's ok. I mean the os. Takes a bit of getting used to the fact you need to find an app you can live with to be able to do things bb10 just does. Funny one of my biggest peeves is how poor the notification settings are in android. Some are in the program and some are in app.

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    08-10-17 04:49 PM

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