1. Primaveralillie's Avatar
    In late February I received a prompt to update my Blackberry Classic software. I backed up my device (I use it for personal reasons and a home business so it's not part of a corporate business negtwork) and updated the software.

    I got a message that the software was already up to date (no idea when that was actually released.)

    Ever since then my device is practically impossible to charge. When I use the official blackberry adapter block and cable in a wall plug it gives me the "Using the official blackberry charger and cable will charge your device faster" or even "No cable detected."

    I found I can trickle charge the device via a USB port on my computer, but that's turning out to be hit and miss as well (it was just on for 3 hrs, lightning bolt flashing, and I discovered it actually was draining power all along. I fiddled with kit and now it seems to be charging, although glacially slowly.

    Now I've just discovered it failed to load an email to the hub. I was waiting waiting on a response from someone and found that it came several days ago by checking my mail with another device. I have no idea what others might be missing.

    Thoughts or advice? I have read on some older threads that the power software has been known to malfunction so I was just curious. I'm with Verizon who is phasing out blackberry use (boo) so their support sucks and as I said, this isn't a corporate device so I have no IT to rely on. Thanks in advance.
    03-07-17 01:55 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar

    Security Wipe or Autoloader of LINK Factory Reset. And if at all possible, don't do a full restore.
    03-07-17 09:05 AM
  3. Primaveralillie's Avatar
    I had a feeling on the reset, but could you please elaborate on not doing the "full restore?" At what place would I have the opportunity to deny full restore?
    03-07-17 03:09 PM

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