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    So I just picked up a BlackBerry Classic to try out on the Wind network, this will be a test of the phone and also Wind mobile, pretty excited as I've been using the Passport for months now, on Rogers.

    Although Rogers has been pricks and constantly charge me extra, im excited for a change. The Passport has also been a champion of a phone, has done everything I've expected, but I feel like it's time for a change, I will have 15 days to give it a try and see how I like before I take it back to either bring over my original number, or to cancel and give back the phone.

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    So in my first few hours of the BlackBerry Classic, I have very much so liked, the quality of hardware is great, not as good as my Passport which I continue to use to post this "blog" on.

    Basically the features which have been brought to 10.3.1 for the Classic are excellent. The scrolling through apps on home page, pages, everything, it's fully baked in as what ive seen in stock apps, setting, account setup. It's be incredible, very similar to how it felt on the 9900 I had years back. Also the qwerty 4 row keyboard definetly comes back quite easily, and if anything kindof messes me up on the 3 row on my Passport as I switch back and fourth. I still am using all my main number and BBM on the passport so my messaging isn't really the test here.

    As of right now I still believe the Passport is the right device for me, as long as the features, which the Classic has, works with the Passport with the official 10.3.1. IE the mouse functionality in browser, selective scrolling, and scrolling in home screen for apps and pages, even hub.

    But as of right now I am still trying the Classic, and am going to be doing all of my everyday email reading, stock checking and trying to see if I find any other reasons why I would want to switch to Classic or keep the Passport.

    As far as Wind performance, it has been spot on and haven't had any issues except for some basements, which happeneds anywhere, so it's a garenty that I am switching to Wind, im tempted to test the Wind on my passport, which I purchased throw SBB.

    BlackBerry Passport, the anything device.
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    BlackBerry Passport, the anything device.
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    BlackBerry Passport, the anything device.
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