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    I'm having a very strange problem with my BB Classic, essentially it is completely unable to open nearly any app or do most functions and is becoming increasingly unstable. The only thing that still appears to work fully is the phone, and I've already had this problem happen before.

    The problem seems very similar to what the person describes in this past thread: https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb...-link-1015471/ and also in this one https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb...-apps-1104605/

    This first happened about a month or so ago. Sometimes my Classic gets accidentally turned off in my pocket when the top on/off button gets leant on (the Q10's recessed button was much better in that regard), and occasionally it'll turn back on (probably because the on button has been pressed again), but not complete the start up and just hang with the animated circle fully filled and saying "loading device features.

    The only way to get out of it is to hold the up/down vol keys and reset it that way; usually it resets fine after that. On this occasion however, after it restarted whenever I tried to access the pictures app it would just hang on scanning for pictures and then give up. I gave it another restart hoping it would solve it, but it was then unable to load media app at all and couldn't no matter how many times it was restarted (either the usual way or with vol keys). Other than that it was working fine, I was just unable to view any pictures I had taken, but then it started acting much more strangely.

    A few days later I was suddenly unable to open just certain random apps (some BB10, some Android, there seemed to be no pattern), they would flash up as if opening, but then immediately just crash. Within hours (and me doing multiple restarts), the problem started to get worst and worst to the extent that eventually all I could open was the phone (which worked fully). The hub would be there, but trying to select any message or compose something would just result in the screen dimming for a second and then nothing happening. Oddly though, in the first few minutes after a restart it was possible to open nearly any app or open/send messages, and they would stay open and work nearly fully indefinitely. After those few minutes though nothing else could be opened and trying to send a text message would just result in "unable to save message" and it not being sent. Most of the time the WiFi and data connections would work, but sometimes not.

    I tried to connect it to BB Link to get a backup, but most of the time it wouldn't even be seen by my computer or couldn't connect properly. On the few occasions that it connected I couldn't back it up so I managed to transfer my pictures, text messages etc to the SD card by opening the relevant apps during those first few minutes. I tried to do a complete reload through Link, but it wouldn't even connect by this point so I eventually downloaded an autoloader (for the same Software release as was already on it - which was able to reload the OS. To make sure it was completely clean I did a secure wipe after using the autoloader and then re-applied it. All I put back on was the pictures and text messages that I had saved on the SD card.

    To cut a long story short, despite completely wiping the phone, about 3 days ago it's gone back to being in the same unstable state. Rather than a gradual decline, almost immediately most apps were unable to be opened except during the first few minutes after a restart. The hub and messaging initially seemed fine, but after a few hours they went the same way and it's now essentially back in the same state as before I used the autoloader a month ago. I did oddly notice though that there appeared to be update available for it (just for BB10 OS Applications and for the same software release) that was 109 MB, but it doesn't appear to want to download.

    I'm going to likely just have to use an autoloader again, but my fear is that it'll just happen again. Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I can do?

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    07-22-17 06:28 AM
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    Anyone got any suggestions that could be of help?

    07-23-17 02:40 PM
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    I think it's the text messages... why oh why do people keep insisting on transferring old text messages???

    try doing the autoloader again... no need to for security wipe...

    do not transfer old text messages... see how it works then
    07-25-17 09:42 AM
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    My phone gets batty as well when it has tens of thousands of text messages loaded in memory. Need to clear them out now and then. Use SMS backup app if you are a hoarder.
    08-12-17 07:27 AM

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