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    05-12-16 04:09 PM
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    I use AutoCrop Scanner (by namit girdhar) to take pictures and convert them to PDFs. (if anyone has an application that is better, let me know! I'd love to use the trackpad instead of the touchscreen to align the image)

    Turbo Reader (by tqhelex)is neat. And handy. It flashes text onto your screen so you can read things quickly.
    It also works well with Read Out! Which will read the text to you, rather than you having to read it.

    BBVE (by asset science)is a good one to always have on your phone.
    If something goes wrong with your hardware, you can use this application to diagnose the issue.

    Inbox Zero. (by emberify) If you have an email come into the hub, and you want to deal with it later, then mark it with inbox 0. It will remind you to deal with that email later, at a time you chose.

    Reminder now. (by emberify)
    Gives you reminders on your phone based on your location, or if a specific contact sends you a message
    You create a note, then set a location, and when you travel within a proximity of your marker, you will be presented with your note.
    Or if a specific contact sends you a message, you will be presented with notes you made about that contact.

    File Converter.(by ISV) I use this to convert file extensions on things i've been emailed.

    Editor (by hugsoft) Simple text editor. Handles the file extensions I need. Like .txt or .csv, for example.

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    Native apps always dominate...

    File manager

    While not an app per se, honorable mention to BlackBerry PIM services, for without such outstanding performance the BB10 productivity experience would not be quite as appreciated by me...

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    05-12-16 06:23 PM
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    Evernote: This is a must-have. Add Evernote to your accounts and you can easily sync notes between your PC and your BB. Just be sure to save new notes in the Evernote folder instead of the Unfiled or any other local folder.

    I'll get back with you when I think of some other good ones, that's just the one that jumps out in my mind.

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    05-12-16 07:09 PM
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    I also use Profiler a lot. I know there are others with more function, but I like how simple Profiler is. I've never had to look at it after setting my schedule once.

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    05-12-16 08:12 PM
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    Loyalty is also awesome if you have a lot of rewards programs.

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    05-12-16 08:13 PM
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    The native apps handle most of my needs but I also use: One Drive and Parrot

    05-12-16 08:53 PM
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    1- File Manager is so superior than any other apps it manage your Device, SD, Cloud and USB
    Storage easily
    2- BlackBerry Hub even Outlook ios can't beat BlackBerry Hub because is not only emails it's everything
    3- Connectivity thru USB, Link and Blend

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    05-13-16 02:17 AM

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