1. techhatesme's Avatar
    Since moving my photos over to the SD card I've been noticing an annoying 2 second lag in loading the picture gallery when trying to select an image to attach in email, text, Whatsapp and BBM. I attribute this the slower read speed of the SD card compared to onboard flash storage.

    I wonder, is the limitation the SD card or the SD reader?
    Does anyone know at what transfer speed the Classic's hardware SD reader max's out at?

    Don't want to buy No.1 high speed card and have the same end result as if I had the No. 3 high speed card.

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    12-23-16 11:31 PM
  2. ronfc's Avatar
    Your device should've already created a cache of thumbnails of your photos so that it doesn't to be loaded every time you access your Gallery to select photos. Have you tried reformatting your memory card?

    Regarding the limitation of the device' SD card reader, after extensive research, I still can't find any specific info about it's maximum supported speed. What I only found out is that Z10 and Q10 are using the same processor which is Qualcomm Snapdragon s4 Plus MSM8960. In my opinion, a UHS-1 card is your best bet and middle ground.
    01-03-17 07:13 AM

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