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    I got a Bell Mobility Classic and am loving it. However, this morning, upon booting the phone, I received an error message that the phone could not connect to data services because the APN settings were wrong. I turned off WiFi and sure enough, I had h+ (lower case) and no BB icon.

    Checked APN settings, and blackberry.net was shown with no other fields filled in, just as they are on my Bell Q10.

    So I called Tech Support. The guy I spoke to (very knowledgeable btw and didn't balk when I mentioned BB and the Classic) said my phone was not set up as a BlackBerry and I had to talk to billing to get that fixed. When I mentioned that BB10 phones no longer require BIS or a BB-specific plan, he said that's true however it has to be set up as a BB in their system or data (including BBM, BB App World, and other BB services) will not work. I asked if I swapped a SIM card from an iPhone 6 to the BB, would I have the same issue and he said yes.

    I pressed the issue and he admitted that there is a way to fix this without having to change the plan (I hate talking to Billing, they always rope you into spending more). Here's the answer: change the APN to pda.bell.ca and bam! it works, including all BB services - I checked BBM, App World, BB ID, etc. So hopefully this can help someone else.

    He said this does not work on other BB10 phones - he's tried it with the Q10, Q5, Z10 and Z30, but since they're running 10.2.1 out of the box, we were both wondering if 10.3.1 could be the answer to this issue.

    No need to call Billing. Yippee!
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    01-18-15 10:37 AM
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    I had the same issue with my Passport that I picked up last Saturday. All services stopped working Sunday when I left the house and my WiFi. Called the store and they gave me the pda.bell.ca to use as well and has been fine since.

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    01-18-15 11:21 AM
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    Not that it matters to me any more, but the pda APN works fine on a Q10 as well - used it on mine for over a year before doing the same with the Classic I currently use.

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    01-19-15 08:03 PM
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    Not that it matters to me any more, but the pda APN works fine on a Q10 as well - used it on mine for over a year before doing the same with the Classic I currently use.

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    Yeah it probably applies to any Bell phone. I just happened to run into it on the Classic.
    01-19-15 08:28 PM
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    I picked up a Classic for my wife a week ago at same time I grabbed this Passport. I checked it last night and it is set to blackberry.net but she has had no issues whatsoever with connections. Seems a bit strange...

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    01-20-15 06:07 AM
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    Thanks for the tip!

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    01-20-15 06:48 AM
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    whats the difference between blackberry.net and pda.bell.ca?
    01-22-15 11:46 PM
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    At least you have the ability to change your APN...

    Bell Mobility Classic APN tip-img_20150123_083854.png

    Damm Verizon....sigh...

    BlackBerry Z30 Chenpion
    01-23-15 12:41 AM

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