1. darpar's Avatar
    Is there an App for the Classic that will allow you to discreetly view a recently Delivered message without the recipient being the wiser?
    12-31-14 08:40 AM
  2. Honkii's Avatar
    Sneaky sneaky

    Posted via CB10
    12-31-14 08:41 AM
  3. KRZR101's Avatar
    Why would you think the classic specifically has an app for it that can do that?

    Well anyways, you can't.

    Posted via CB10
    12-31-14 09:09 AM
  4. Empyrean's Avatar
    Nope. Your best bet is to look in the Hub... unless you actually "click it" and open it up in BBM the app, reading the little preview text doesn't notify them.

    I do this all the time to screen any potential questions I might not have time at work to answer.

    If I see something like:

    "Remember the money you lent me? Funny st..." in the preview text, I probably don't want to open it.

    Posted via CB10
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    12-31-14 09:16 AM
  5. Empyrean's Avatar
    Also, if you reaaaaally want to, just disconnect from any network/WiFi and read the msg. It won't change it to delivered until you reconnect.

    (But that's a bit extreme.)

    Posted via CB10
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    12-31-14 09:17 AM
  6. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    View it on your lock screen. It generally shows more of the message then viewing in the hub without clicking it.
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    12-31-14 02:44 PM

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