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    Brand new BB Classic purchased from AT&T store Oct 2015. I have OS Transferred SIM card/device switch from BB Torch.

    Problem: I cannot send nor receive pictures via text (get the "download now" then "general problems" message). Also, I can't view text-only images in a group text. I am able to email pics.

    Yes, I've done the following:
    turned phone on/off
    Data Services on
    Wi-fi on (also tried with wifi off)
    resized image

    1) Went to AT&T store for an hour who said it was a BB issue as carrier proxies "were fine."

    2) Called AT&T help (as recd on BB site) for 30 min troubleshooting then tranferred to BB Support to troubleshoot for another hour. Was told it was a carrier issue and transferred back to AT&T to troubleshoot for 30min. Gave up and was told they'd call me back (didn't).

    3) Called AT&T again today to reset APN and MMSC URL/username/pw. We tried the WAP@cingular and pat settings/profiles for the APN. Nothing worked and have been told to go to servicing center to "flash the program."

    Any BB help here? Heck, I"m willing to go into an AT&T store with several phones so ATT and BB can talk to each other.
    11-04-15 05:20 PM
  2. slagman5's Avatar
    All of those things go through MMS so my first stop would be to verify your APN settings. Then restart the phone if you had to do any adjustments to your APN settings.

    Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10
    11-05-15 10:20 AM

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