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    Help? I just got a new BB Classic a week ago and my service provider is Verizon. I synced up my 8000 contacts with MS Outlook and all seemed great. Today, I needed to make a call so I went to the contacts folder and searched for the persons file. I know two individuals with the same name and they are listed in my MS Outlook but today, I found 3 files on my new BB Classic with the same name. Two of these files are correct and complete for the two individuals but the third file is a mix of the phone and fax numbers from both of the other two files. This exists only on the BB Classic and not in my MS Outlook.

    I saw this event on prior Blackberry's including an 8830 a few years ago and I have returned the units for replacement but no one seems to have a solution to this issue.

    Does anyone on the forum have an idea how to resolve this?

    The latest update: I've discovered that the synchronization of my outlook contacts has also added 347 new contacts which were actually duplicates of existing contacts with the new addition of "United States of America" as the country....even when they specific individual was from another country.

    And it now takes 2 hours to synchronize while my old Blackberry Bold took 5 minutes to synchronize the same data set.

    You can't make this stuff up!

    In my continuing saga on my new Blackberry Classic, I have now discovered that my device it uniquely decides to add only one week of appointments (deleting all others) or in a second instance, it chose to duplicate all of my contacts and calendar appointments in synchronization...oh and it still takes 2 hours to do this.

    I chose to stay with Blackberry after trying an iPhone for a month and I did that largely because the Blackberry's that I previously owned would manage the contacts, calendar and emails faster more efficiently than anything else I had tried. If I wanted to find a contact, I could enter part of the name, even a couple of letters in the name, first or last, or the name of the company or even the city and it would quickly sort to those criteria...faster than iPhone. With my new Classic, if I type a part of a name such as Jenn instead of Jennifer, it's lost and cannot find that person. Obviously Jenn is no longer part of Jennifer.

    I am now 3 weeks into owning this new Classic and am considering reactivating my old Blackberry Bold until I can find something better. Blackberry may look and function more like an iPhone but I think it has gone backwards in performance for the business user. The major software missteps such as requiring 2 hours to synchronize and the poor handling of contacts and calendar items is astounding and beyond frustrating.

    Good luck with yours.
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