1. Aditya0011's Avatar

    I am a fan of my BB classic and use it regularly for taking some beautiful pictures (i just love the camera!) and then posting it to instagram apart from using it for handling all my business emails , trafiic ,docs etc.

    Before the official update to about 2 days back , I could use Instagram , Google maps and I had a play store installed but I just couldn't install the android version of WHATSAPP in addition to the one I have on my BB. I NEED my whatsapp after 30 june ... so I downloaded the ANDROID RUNTIME FROM the play store , when you hit OPEN , it just says INITIALIZING PLEASE WAIT and then nothing happens!

    anyways, i thought the update to 10.3.3 will solve my problem! but IT HAS GOTTEN WORSE!! now google maps,play store,snap,amazon india or any other android app JUST WON:T OPEN, a black window will open and then close THATS IT...

    NOW after unistalling the app , rebooting , going back to factory setting , reloading the OS from the link HAS NOT HELPED!! android apps including play colbalt JUST WON"T install..

    also qhwn i backed up and restored many aof my contacts (about 500 out of 5000) were missing when i restored ,, also the properties on some of my pictures lost!!

    06-14-17 08:52 AM
  2. Sime0n_S's Avatar
    No problem on my classic
    06-14-17 01:49 PM
  3. Aditya0011's Avatar
    I am thinking of doing an autoloader load of the OS myself..
    06-15-17 02:25 AM
  4. Aditya0011's Avatar

    I manager to get the cobalt play installed which took me almost 2 hours because the first file took 30 minutes just to intialize!

    but Then i could run Maps, Mobile VOIP , and some small android apps.

    Tried installing whatsapp but it still said" can;t install this app" so i tried to run the android runtime again from MY WORLD. and it got stuck at "initializing ...please wait" and then all the apps again stopped working...

    I restarted , opened the play store again and then tried opening google maps etc. and they are now working fine... except I can;t install whatsapp and Instagram is not wokring properly!

    ANy ideas/help /developer methods will be helpful
    06-16-17 03:10 AM
  5. Aditya0011's Avatar
    Hi any ideas on making the whatsapp work?

    06-21-17 12:19 AM
  6. Aju's Avatar
    Hi any ideas on making the whatsapp work?

    Official whatsapp from bbw works now till dec 2017 if u missed it incase! If u r trying to get android whatsapp for features, good luck. Somebody who is informed enough will help u hopefully!

    06-21-17 12:25 AM
  7. Aditya0011's Avatar
    yeah i just read about it ... thank you for your info.. what a life saver..

    I am just wondering why i am unable to run instagram and android whatsapp on my bb classic tho!

    so looking forward to buy the keyone in India!!
    06-21-17 01:59 AM

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