1. matask's Avatar

    so i have this problem several times per year.

    REBOOT does not help. don't offer it.
    OS loader reloader or any other don't help.
    Sachesi or Link does not fix the problem.

    What i have found out that this is coused by any android app that is using camera and after using does not closes camera app property and it's stuck in system. app can be run once!.

    What i need is solution from sort of guru that can tell me how to restore camera . bin files in system files without "security wipe", "os reload", "os reinstall", "os versions change" because this is taking all day time. AND 1 from 10 times it fixes this problem.

    repeat: problem that android app is stuck with camera app
    needed solution: apps restart(NOT reinstall) to release all used functions of phone OR camera bin files restore till working version OR close of apps fully
    don't offer me things such as like soft hard restarts or reinstall of os or apps.

    Yes working solution is draining battery till 0% and draining it till -100% when no actions is available on phone, but this is not always helping.
    1 from 5 times in average.
    I'm big fan of BlackBerry phone with blackberry OS.
    12-21-17 01:56 AM
  2. matask's Avatar
    just downloaded first free app for camera and here what it states:
    BB Classic Camera "can't be started"-img_20171221_095959.png
    12-21-17 02:02 AM
  3. matask's Avatar
    I have spoken with few friends and they say that old android has/had same problems with camera app
    12-23-17 01:43 PM

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