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    First I would like to say, I am back from my I phone 6 plus. After much work, my Classic now runs as good if not better than the I phone with all of the same Apps. So lets get started. One of the false statements posted is that you cannot buy an app from the google store. This is true, if you do not dig a little deeper. So lets start, you just downloaded a free app and you love it. Then after some time it requests that you buy the paid version. (this is fair after all) You try to buy it but it will not download to your phone. If you call the Google help line they will confirm that you cannot make an up grade purchase. Well I guess that it right? WRONG just delete the app on your phone and go to the google store to down load the paid app, not the free one. It will down load the paid app right to your phone......Next ghost story is you cannot delete the Amazon apps after the new OS up grade. Again this is not further from the truth. You will need the BB10 Playbook loaded on your computer. Playbook is a system installer available on Google. When loaded on your computer, and you access your BB phone. It will show all the programs installed. Scan down to the Amazon apps, here you will see that they are (permanent installed). This is not true, first you check the box to stop it from running. then you make the same request again. Poof the app is off the phone. The next bit of info is if you want to load SNAP on you phone so you have access to all the apps you cant get in BB world, you will notice in Googles world we want all your info, and you can't opt out. Once again an easy fix. It will cost you 2 bucks but it is worth every penny. In the Google app store there is an app called APK permission Pro. Now it does have a free version, if you like to download many apps, you will need the paid version. Less than 10 free will work, but only up to 10. Once you set up Google wallet either with a Cc card or PP. You look for APK Permission Pro. Click on it and you buy it and it downloads right on your BB, amazing!. One bit of advice, when using this app, it is very easy. You may have to reinstall an app a few times. If after you deny the app access to certain files, just re load and allow one at a time. It will run.
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    07-13-15 09:00 AM
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    To be fair some of the stuff you mention involves some hackery that some users might be unable or unwilling to do! That being said I have Google Play store on my Passport.
    07-13-15 09:13 AM
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    Regarding deleting the Amazon apps, have you restarted your phone since then? If so are they bback?

     Classic
    07-13-15 09:53 AM
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    Next ghost story is you cannot delete the Amazon apps after the new OS up grade. Again this is not further from the truth.
    Reboot your phone and tell us what happens. You might start believing in ghosts.

    [CB10 / Q10]
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    07-13-15 03:09 PM
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    nope and nope...........stayed away....
    07-14-15 09:14 AM
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    stayed away.....
    07-14-15 09:14 AM
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    Hi Rich, no hacking just plain programing. The phone now is much more apple like........The amazon apps are toast..
    07-14-15 09:15 AM
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    nope and nope...........stayed away....
    What BB10 OS version are you using? In 10.3.2 the Amazon apps return no matter how you uninstall them.

    If you have 10.3.2 and still claim otherwise then please post a direct link to the software you used to uninstall. An entire forum would like to know what you used.

    EDIT: For the record, I located and tried the method you suggested (http://gridbook.org/pb-app-mgr/) and it does NOT work under 10.3.2 on my Classic. Both Amazon apps return after a reboot. If you have another method, we'd love to hear it. Your story remains a ghost story otherwise.

    [CB10 / Q10]
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    07-14-15 02:59 PM
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    Stc, why did you remove the amazon app store? You know many apps that are available on both amazon and Google store, but sometimes the Google version will not work, while the amazon version will.
    There's no reason to delete the amazon appstore
    07-14-15 03:03 PM

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