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    Hey guys,

    I've been a regular visitor in the past and always found my question resolved, however I can't seem to find anyone with my particular problem after a quick round of googling so I figured I'd ask.
    I'm using a Blackberry Classic (it's my fourth Blackberry and always loved it) since two years now, but the last week the battery's been acting up as in it would (dis)charge completely in under three minutes, then since today it's been swinging up and down i.e. go from 42% to 8% then up again to 26, 32, 15, 0, 11, .... and so on and so on without having been anywhere near a charger. I've taken screenshots from the device monitor (but don't see an immediate way to add them - I'm posting this from the phone we're discussing), on which you can also read that in terms of battery use, "system" uses up to 260%...

    In short; I'm looking for similar experiences and better yet: a solution...

    Edit: found a way to add screenshots.
    Edit: added screenshot of last 24h, look at system %!!
    Edit: added final screenshot of last 48h. That illustrates my problem :-)
    Attached Thumbnails Battery levels up and down (Classic)-img_20170331_030355.png   Battery levels up and down (Classic)-img_20170331_034255.png   Battery levels up and down (Classic)-img_20170331_041810.png   Battery levels up and down (Classic)-img_20170331_042428.png  
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    03-30-17 09:05 PM
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    I am using my Classic since 2,5 years and experienced the same problems about 3 weeks ago. Before I replaced the battery, I tried several wipes and the autoloader. The last helped to stabilise the battery, but it was the battery replacement that solved all those problems

    I had a hard time founding one, because I am travelling in Malaysia now. But finally I was lucky with one shop. U should be able to order one online though and replace it yourself not that difficult

    But try the autoloader with the latest OS first and see how far you get

    My Classic is like new now and I somehow feel bad that I bought a Passport SE in that time, haha...


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    03-30-17 11:35 PM
  3. micvro's Avatar
    Hey, thanks for your reply!
    I already installed the latest OS a couple of weeks ago so... battery replacement huh? Not sure if I'm going to do that. I've been drooling over a passport SE as well.. and been wondering if I should wait for the dtek70 but it's Android soooo... yeah.
    Well eitherway, thanks for sharing your experience!
    03-31-17 12:03 AM
  4. Akis Tsirogiannis's Avatar
    Same here - I simply don't want android and for my needs BB10 is just perfect! But also because I don't like simple solutions and like to work around with it :P

    Further more, I doubt the build quality of keyone's keyboard, although I will give it a try if I find it in a shop

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    03-31-17 02:11 AM

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