1. Druszlak's Avatar
    Hi guys,
    my Classic has started to turn off at 40-50% of battery. I'm pretty sure battery has to be recalibrated, but I have no idea how to do that when I can't pull out battery. What can I do? Please advise.
    01-15-17 11:42 AM
  2. matthewkuhl's Avatar
    Just to clarify, letting your battery get that low on a regular basis is truly bad for it.
    If the battery is starting to act up, the best way to get it back on track is to let it shut off on its own, then charge it fully and power it on after. i have never had to do this more than two times to get a battery back to normal, but i only let it go below 75% when it takes to depleting at a quick pace.
    If the battery is old (or regular full discharge has weakened it), it may have reached its EOL, and replacing it is going to be the solution. Although it is a relatively "easy" sealed battery to change, you will have to remove some double-sided adhesive foam when you replace the back cover.
    BlackBerry Classic Q20 - ETrade Supply
    Grade S+ are OE components.
    01-15-17 06:12 PM
  3. kbalaz's Avatar
    Im not sure what the poster who said letting your battery get to 40-50% on a regular basis is bad for it meant. As long as you don't drain it you are ok. If you actually want to spend the time a research Lithium ion batteries, the science says that the ideal was to charge is to do so when the battery hits 45% and take off charger at 95%. I have original batteries in all my phones from torch 9800 and 9860 and my Z10 and Z30 still holding a charge for days, and not acting much different than when new. I charge at end of the day if 60% or less and leave it charging all night until morning. Has worked fine for me many years. Worst thing to do is drain them until they power off.
    01-15-17 06:51 PM
  4. Druszlak's Avatar
    Thanks for responses. In my case there is no way to charge phone very often, typical gap between charges is 12-14h.

    What I need is something like desc from this article:

    By Preforming a full Re-Calibration, it will make your blackberry Z10 battery more accurate. Following are the steps for that:

    Remove the battery from your Blackberry
    Plug in original charger into your blackberry without the battery inserted, VIA PC. Do not connect it to the wall socket
    Leave it there plugged in for 30 minutes

    After that insert the battery without removing the charger
    Let the blackberry charge to 100%
    Battery charge 100%
    When the battery is fully charged remove the charger
    Let your Z10 drains to 0%(Discharge) ( Do intensive CPU usage tasks, Play games, stream videos etc.)
    Repeat these steps twice
    The battery will subsequently receive it’s charging cycle
    But removing the battery in Classic is impossible (opposite to Z10 from above article).

    01-16-17 11:24 AM
  5. Gobrot's Avatar
    I have a classic Q20. I love the phone. I 've been having battery level indicator issues. I noticed the battery was draining too quickly. Actually the battery was fine because I watched you tube for four hours with a battery indication of zero. When it finally died(somehow I lived thru the four hour ordeal), I charged it for 5 minutes,unplugged it and rebooted. It then showed a false reading of 32%. I watched it carefully as it sank rapidly,then plugged it in just before it shut down again. You have to plug it in
    before it dies and with the battery indicator near 5 %. It drops very rapidly,so be ready with the cord. This issue only happens to me if the phone shuts down due to a low battery.
    12-10-17 02:47 PM
  6. granseal's Avatar
    I suggest installing BatteryPal (free) to verify the charging cycles

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-17 04:21 PM

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