10-27-15 02:23 PM
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    It's not the BlackBerry OS. It's the nature of Android apps. I've heard it from Android user that apps are constantly running, draining their battery and they have to get apps to shut them down.

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    I can confirm this a bit. Before I got the Classic, I had bought an Android phone to keep on wifi and use just for my companies work email. That phone would get easily 5-6 days of battery life since it was basically untouched except the one or two times I'd check email at night.

    Since getting the classic, I have given the phone to my daughter to also use as a wifi only device, but also for netflix and games or whatever. On a full charge now, after restarting the phone, even if neither me or my daughter touch the phone AT ALL once its been taken off the charger, it never lasts more than 8 hours. The only difference is a bunch of games and netflix were downloaded from the google play store, and merely exist on the phone, not being opened or run at all. Task manager on the phone never shows any of them running.

    When she is actively using the phone it lasts like 2-3 hours tops, pretty sad hah.
    09-21-15 12:22 PM
  2. CobaltClassic007's Avatar
    1) Use native Apps whenever possible;
    2) Close all Apps running the background or when minimized;
    3) Resart your phone "at least" once a day;
    4) If possible avoid having Google Play and the other Google Apps required to run some apps;

    The Classic only has 2gb of RAM if you clean your phone up you should be able to easily have 1gb of working memory. I have 1.2gb after start up.
    I agree this is sound advice but:

    1) The native app availability is embarrassing. Besides bebuzz and beweather, not a single app I looked for (of over 35) was available natively.
    2) This does nothing for these Android apps that continue to run regardless of being minimized or having permission to run in the background.
    3) Sad that we still have to do this on BB10...
    4) Agreed.
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    09-21-15 12:26 PM
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    Settings - App manager - app permissions - turn off every app running while minimized. Running while minimized means running in the background, draining your battery. Also many Android apps have a permission to run when the system starts so restarting your phone will just turn them back on.

    The option 'turn off when minimized' just pauses the app if it is minimized. Just as the name says. An app is minimized if you swipe from bottom to top.

    This option has no effect on registered receivers, observers or other background service that an Android app registers with the Android runtime.
    09-21-15 12:39 PM
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    Now that a few days have gone by since I made sure all Android apps/games were actually closed (using Ghost Commander to force stop them), I have seen significant improvement in battery life. Through the work day with moderate use (a few emails, reading CrackBerry, browsing the web), I am losing roughly 3-4% of the battery per hour which is great.

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    09-23-15 10:41 AM
  5. falevics's Avatar
    What is Ghost Commander?

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    09-23-15 03:22 PM
  6. Emaderton3's Avatar
    What is Ghost Commander?

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    It is a file manager app. The nice thing is that you can see all Android apps and "manage" them.


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    09-23-15 03:38 PM
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    just caught my phone doing this again, really f'in annoying.

    took it off the charger this morning like normal, brought it out of bedside mode. got to work an hour later, usually its still at 100%. instead its at 90% and super warm...nothing running.

    installing ghost commander to see which lame-o apps are causing this
    09-24-15 06:38 AM
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    Yes, Ghost Commander is a nice tool. The ability to shut down those android apps you may not frequently use sneakily running in the background has given me an improvement in battery life.
    A good plus for me is that the apps stay closed even through restarts. However if I use them I will have to use Ghost Commander to shut them down again.
    The one I did notice about Ghost Commander is that it is a resource and battery hog while in use, so get in do what you need and get out quickly.

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    09-24-15 10:12 AM
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    Someone mentioned in another thread that you can stop Android apps through Awesome Launcher by going into Dev Tools--Bad Behavior and select the "crash the system" option to kill the Android runtime. Does the runtime show up as a file in Ghost Commander that could be manipulated?

    Edit: here is where Awesome Launcher is discussed:


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    09-24-15 11:12 AM
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    My issue is back doh!

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    09-26-15 03:14 PM
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    The update fixed my DT issue but now I am forced to put phone on charge by night time or else it will die.
    10-14-15 09:31 AM
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    Anybody know, got this 'awesome launcher' from Shadowfax in bbworld but not quite sure how to operate it you can pin or unpin apps, but what exactly does that do? .. and you should be able to pin or unpin to homescreen or mainscreen...
    I unchecked all let's see what happens

    Posted via CB10
    10-27-15 02:23 PM
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