1. lischultz's Avatar
    Hi all -

    My average batter life last about 36 hours. However, last night my battery drained 40%.

    Any ideas on what it could be?

    Device Monitor: https://s17.postimg.org/5bkjuvemn/IM...128_103419.png

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    11-28-17 12:38 PM
  2. sjoreilly's Avatar
    If you open the same wimdow you posted in App Manager - Device Manager and scroll down a bit, it will show how much battery percentage each application uses.

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    11-28-17 01:20 PM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Battery Drain-gremlins.png

    Do a hard reboot, see if it happens again.
    11-28-17 01:30 PM
  4. lischultz's Avatar
    System was at 53% and PIM Services was at 19%. Everything else was minimal.

    I will try that and see. I'm going to try one more time to charge it and if system is eating up my battery.

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    11-28-17 02:09 PM
  5. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    System is... well who knows what it really is.

    PIM Services is your Accounts, if you have a lot that might be normal. Or one could be stuck, reboot might fix... or you could delete them and recreate them.
    11-28-17 03:55 PM

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