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    Hello ;0)

    I just bought a brand new BB Classic and I´m loving it.
    (Just got it for work since I´m unable to NOT look at my work apps on my private phone and NEEDED to get a second phone that I can switch on in the morning and off in the evening for my mental health´s sake *lol*)

    Of course I bought an original leather pocket case for my little new friend. It features "Blackberry´s automatic power-saving functions".

    I read that this function is automatically activated and doesn´t need to be configured. It should put your Blackberry in power-saving mode when you put it in the case.
    The screen should go dark etc.

    When I put my classic in it´s case it does... Nothing... ;0(

    For the life of me I can´t find any more instructions or descriptions. (And I´m sure I bought an original case.)
    What, if anything, am I doing wrong?

    (Please excuse any bad spelling, german user here.)

    Thank you in advance for any tips/tricks ;0)
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    The screen should go dark automatically. Are you sure it isn't turning off the screen (it is kind of hard to tell while it's in the case...)?

    Have you verified that you are putting the phone into the case correctly? There are obviously four different ways a phone can fit into a case. I believe only one way will actually work.

    If you want to test whether the phone itself is working properly, take a magnet and move it around. The autoscreen off feature of the case just works by putting a magnet in a specific spot.
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    The original Blackberry Pocket as well as the holster "should" automatically activate power saver mode. I just tried with my Classic after reading this post and verified it shuts off the screen when I insert the phone and turns it back on when I remove it. Nothing needs to be configured. So if your pocket is not working, the magnet in it may be too weak. Mine even shuts off the screen when I touch the phone screen to the outside of the case too. I suspect your pocket case is the problem.

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    Just tested things out. The classic reacts when you put a magnet on the lower right corner of the device (viewed from the front) or lower left corner (from behind).
    The magnet in the case is the culprit. It´s just slightly more to the middle.
    It works absolutely fine if i touch the classic to the outside of the case (just not the way it would then fit into the case)
    I´ll return this case and ask for another one. Here´s to hoping it´s an isolated thing.

    Thank you both very much. Special thanks to TGS68 for going through the trouble of testing it out ;0)
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