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    I just got my BB Classic. And i'm having some serious problems with the apps. I downloaded Pandora from the Amazon App Store (already on the BB, as you all know) and in order to open it I have to agree to some ridiculous security terms. For example:

    "Allow this app to access your pictures, music, documents, and other files tore on your device at a remote storage provide, on a media card or in the cloud".

    Now, there is no way I'm allowing that. So I hit decline and the app won't open. This is happening for EVERY app that was not originally on the phone. I also side-downloaded Snap so I could download the Android apps and those security terms are WORSE. It sounds like they basically want me to hand over all of my personal information and give them the ability to use my phone, remotely, any way they see fit. So safe to say, I'm not doing that either. This has left me with no apps on my phone (none that I can use anyway).

    PLEASE HELP. What is going on? Is anyone else having these issues? Did everyone just agree to these outrageous security terms?? How is it possible these are mandatory terms to use an app on the BB Classic??

    This is totally ruining the phone for me and I don't know what to do. =/

    03-12-15 02:49 PM
  2. baarn's Avatar
    Welcome to the magical world of Android.
    Apps on the Amazon store are ported from Android. Android uses an all or nothing permission model: you have to agree to all permissions or the app won't work. BlackBerry handles Android permissions the same way, because there is no clean alternative.

    If you don't like it, then you'll just have to restrict yourself to native BlackBerry apps which you can find in BlackBerry World. These follow the usual BlackBerry permission model where you can cherry pick permissions.
    There may be other more complicated work-arounds, but they don't suit everyone.

    03-12-15 04:59 PM

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