1. coolcut's Avatar
    So my classic's loud speaker has gone kaput and having tried wiping and reloading multiple OS's, I've deemed it to be a hardware problem. I've read lots of threads of others having the same issue and all have pretty much ended up with the solution of sending it back to Blackberry.

    My device being well out of warranty though I thought I'd try a different approach. After taking the backing off of the phone, and the housing that goes around the battery (which has the loud speaker glued to it), I noticed that the loud speaker is connected to the mainboard just by two spring power leads. So I tested these leads with a multimeter while playing music and indeed got a reading which leads me to believe that my mainboard is ok and just the speaker needs replacing...

    So I found the housing on ebay (Link) which appears to have the loud speaker attached.

    For under $10 I figure it's worth a shot to try it out so I've placed my order. Has anyone else tried this before?
    01-17-17 12:52 PM
  2. Sturdy Xocticox's Avatar
    Thanq buddy I really need those.
    01-23-17 07:29 AM
  3. fabiando's Avatar

    I've just repaired my Classic after its speaker stopped working, just as you described. And it only cost about 2£ + shipping.

    I've replaced the speaker, which is inside the middle frame housing, it is easier to replace the whole frame including speaker.

    Search for q20 speaker replacement.

    Quite a simple operation, and cheap as well. spread the word

    09-06-19 03:58 PM

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