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    The cable charging is starting to wear on me. I'm ready for a switch to the wireless version.

    I'm thinking of just trading this in for the ATT version. Paid full value on launch day. What a hit the trade in value is only $171.

    I feel the Classic is good for another 2 years don't see anything in the horizon that interest me. Just hope the OS don't get abandon like BBOS7.

    Anyone on the ATT version? Good Bad?

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    07-26-15 07:30 AM
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    Just pulled the trigger on Amazon 1 click buying. That was to easy $304 what a deal.

    Still would like to hear your comments on the wireless charging.

    I have a Surface case what chargers will work with this case?

    Anyone looking for a $200 SQC-100-4?

    Gotta be a BerryHead to pay $459 on launch then another $304 just to get wireless charging. With a $200 value on the SQC-100-4 that will make a $563 investment plus tempered glass protector, Seidio Surface Case and Holster and the initial screen protectors and gel case. About a $650 investment. And I still have to buy a wireless charger and another tempered glass protector! Wooow did I ****up?

    Cheaper than the $699 Bold 9900 I bought?

    Thanks in advance for posting

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