03-08-15 02:23 PM
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  1. canook's Avatar
    Had a Passport since launch. Went to Classic when it launched. As much as I loved the Passport, I love the Classic so much more.

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    02-21-15 06:11 PM
  2. Tetragrammaton's Avatar
    I have both devices. Although I love the power of the Passport, it is way too big for me to handle it properly. I used the Passport since October, 2014.

    The Classic lacks Passport's speed, but I believe I'll stick with Classic.

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    02-21-15 07:20 PM
  3. reich2004's Avatar
    See I have a passport and just picked up the classic, I actually think I prefer the passport, despite the fact that I prefer the size of the classic. First, I do not mean to offend anyone who prefers classic. To each there own. This is just MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE. 1. The speed of the passport. The passport is much faster in several apps I use frequently, mostly tapatalk. Tapatalk used to be very efficient, but since they overhauled the android version, it kinda sucks. But I live with it because I need it for forum browsing. 2. The keyboard. I like that the keyboard is more spaced out. Furthermore, I didn't like the softer feeling of the keys on the classic.

    Things I thought the classic did very well: I love the back button. It is very handy. I love the keys having numbers on them with an alt and shift key. This is handy. I was actually impressed with the build quality of the classic. It is much better than I expected. I like the textured back. I was impressed by the display. I expected it to be a huge disappointment coming from the passport. This was not the case. It is actually very vivid and bright. Huge improvement over the Q10.

    I think overall it comes down to personal preference. I don't think either is BETTER than the other. I wish the classic had a faster processor, yes. But overall I was pleasantly surprised. Am I ready to make it the daily driver over the passport? I don't think so. For me it just comes down to the keyboard. I like the Passport keyboard better.
    02-21-15 10:42 PM
  4. fjfisher601#AC's Avatar
    I have a factory unlocked Classic from Amazon, and is also capable of running on t-mobile too...I know that for sure as my Passport is on it. The son works fine on both. I'll be getting the Verizon classic as soon as available. So the GSM classic is for sale, its,in perfect condition, hardly used.
    It's $400.... if interested, let me know.


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    02-21-15 10:44 PM
  5. Tetragrammaton's Avatar
    I believe, that this is the strength of having various devices in a company's portfolio.

    Not everyone uses her/his Blackberry the same way.

    The Passport is speedy (in terms of processor), it has the trackpadlike keyboard, a huge display.

    The Classic may appeal to the "classic" users, who may be more into messaging, not relying too much on apps and multimedia.

    That is the reason, why I prefer this policy to having just one device on the market.

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    02-22-15 04:19 AM
  6. Mazinger's Avatar
    I just joined the club of ex-passport owners yesterday when my pp sold on eBay. I went straight to my carrier and bought the classic outright.

    Day 1 with the classic and no regrets so far. I love the comfort of having something I could carry easily despite the lack of the hardware bells of the pp. Coming from a z10, z30 and q10 right before the pp, I find myself not really using the belt so far but i'm sure it will find some practical use down the road.

    The passport is a superb device no doubt in terms of snapiness, battery life, and screen quality. I just found it really hard to deal with the day to day fear of dropping it (I have small hands), the dust-catching gaps all around the screen, wobbly side keys, and the fingerprint prone back. The classic is just right size-wise and the performance is enough for my needs so like many of you, I'm happy I switched

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    02-22-15 09:47 PM
  7. szejkus's Avatar
    I passed on passport waiting for classic, but for heavy user as I am classic is just way to slooow! I thought weak specs would only be problem if I play games or use some other apps but just switching between screens and waiting up to 2-3 seconds to load is to much aggregation and waisted time...
    Also the belt buttons are useless without productivity they were able to provide in OS7. Why give up screen space for useless buttons if same options are still on screen bottom and then you have to swipe anyway to move between apps... it looks like people (engineers) who tried to bring belt buttons had never used good old bold and I'm afraid they are using iphones after work ;-(
    Passport is a little bulky but all the rest is just so sweet about this phone! I will use it until classic 2 or something else comes up...

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    02-28-15 11:04 AM
  8. chflower's Avatar
    I just got the Passport on att launch but I switched to the Classic today. I'm also very happy with the Classic.
    03-01-15 08:19 PM
  9. Jackie Lo's Avatar
    Nope, I will keep both of them. Love my Passport and Classic

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    03-01-15 09:19 PM
  10. szejkus's Avatar
    Not to mention passports beast battery... I had to charge classic by the end of the day, passport Is getting through the day with no problem... and I'm on the phone all day, talking, texting, emailing, browsing + hot spot for tablet...

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    03-02-15 09:12 PM
  11. Johberry's Avatar
    I am looking to get a Classic. My most useful BBs have been a Torch (yes) and earlier Bold. With each successive Bold, the keyboards got tighter spaced. For anyone who has used a Bold and has a Classic, what's your impression regarding typing & shortcut capabilities compared to a Bold - or compared to a PP?

    PS - got my 1st iPhone last June. The apps that I use for business and personal make it really useful. That said, I can't keep up with my communication - not even close. I'll catch myself putting it down and using my z10 when I need to look up a mail, send an attachment or just power through a number of mails.

    Thanks for your help folks.
    I don't own a Passport, but the Classic is my current daily driver and still have my Bold 9900 for sentimental reasons. As happy as I am with the Classic, especially due to the trackpad which I sorely missed when I used the Q10 as my daily driver (for nearly a year), I find that I still type relatively faster on the Bold. This could be due to the curved keyboard of the Bold which, for some reason, just feels more natural in my hands when typing. In addition to a removable battery, that's probably the one thing I wish the Classic had...a curved keyboard like that of the 9900. Hope that helps you some.

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    03-03-15 11:27 PM
  12. AthenaSmith's Avatar
    I bought a Passport, then a Classic. I kept both, but made the Classic my primary phone and daily driver. The Passport is the secondary/backup phone. The Classic is a joy to type on. Although the Bold 9900 is still better typing-wise because of the curved keyboard, the Classic comes close in terms of providing a great typing experience. Typing on the Passport feels slower.

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    03-04-15 04:44 AM
  13. jweihrauch's Avatar
    I've thrown this idea around quite a bit but have elected to stay with the Passport. It's a powerhouse. I don't have massive hands and don't have an issue using it. Frequent traveler, sales executive. It's perfect for what I need and do.

    Good luck!

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    03-04-15 08:01 AM
  14. BBercat's Avatar
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    03-04-15 08:26 AM
  15. cespinal's Avatar
    I bought a Passport, then a Classic. I kept both, but made the Classic my primary phone and daily driver. The Passport is the secondary/backup phone. The Classic is a joy to type on. Although the Bold 9900 is still better typing-wise because of the curved keyboard, the Classic comes close in terms of providing a great typing experience. Typing on the Passport feels slower.

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    Curious, how long have you had the Passport for? It took me about 2 weeks of straight usage to start flying on the keyboard. I can definitely type faster on it than my Classic now.

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    03-05-15 05:24 PM
  16. igotberryfever's Avatar
    I have both, I would not give up either. I added a second line last year just because I have a BlackBerry addiction. I love the passport for when I need the screen size and shape ( work docs,long email and drafted maps ect ect). However as my BBM / Text Power house it's the classic I pick up. I LOVE the TRACK PAD. I see a lot of people bitchin that it's going back but that's the feature I didn't know I missed so much till I had it back. The trackpad makes one handed use a breeze. BlackBerry took a lot of time reworking the OS but I find a lot of features and workings the same as BBOS and I love it!!!

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    03-05-15 05:48 PM
  17. KennedyJamesP's Avatar
    Sold my Passport as Keyboard completely unbalanced in my hands. I have regular hands but typing on Classic is way faster and better. I don't miss Quad Core for Dual Core Classic. It's fast on Classic too!

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    03-05-15 08:08 PM
  18. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    HELL NO, I just got both. Both phones are must haves for me.

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    03-05-15 11:53 PM
  19. Tetragrammaton's Avatar
    I used my Classic during my vacation, after having the Passport since October, 2014. I originally intended to go back to the Passport as my daily Blackberry. But after this great typing experience I had, I simply added my company email-account to the Classic, because I am satisfied to 90%.

    What bothers me (sometimes) is

    a) some Apps respond slowly compared to the Passport

    b) battery life of the Classic is annoying

    Other than that, I am more than happy being "back home".

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    03-06-15 01:33 AM
  20. Tetragrammaton's Avatar
    ...btw: I did not sell the Passport. Not sure if I do.

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    03-06-15 01:34 AM
  21. AthenaSmith's Avatar
    Curious, how long have you had the Passport for? It took me about 2 weeks of straight usage to start flying on the keyboard. I can definitely type faster on it than my Classic now.

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    I used the Passport for 3 months before buying the Classic. To me, I think the reason typing feels slower on the Passport is that the keys are wider and farther apart so it takes more time for the thumbs to "travel", the symbols and numbers need more reach from physical keyboard to screen, and the keys are softer and more rubbery and sinks down/bounces back just a tiny bit slower upon pressing. Whereas the Classic's keys are closer together and feel harder and clickier and sinks down/bounces back faster upon pressing.
    03-06-15 04:32 AM
  22. Sulaco757's Avatar

    Blackberry hasn't fully utilized the touch sensitive keyboard in my opinion to get the better hand over the Classic.
    I can't navigate the through the app screen and close apps without swiping and pressing the close button on the passport, whil the Classic can use the end key and trackpad to navigate.
    Also selecting multiple items in the hub is better with the Classic then on the PassPort.

    Can someone share their experiences be it positive/negative to (not) choose the Classic over the Passport?

    Hit it. When I ordered the Passport I thought the keyboard was going to be a Trackpad. Item selection, cursor pops up in browser, stuff like that. Also the virtual keyboard didn't do it for me. BlackBerry can fix it in an update and better programming. I didn't like how swiping down for Alt number use didn't lock for a string of numbers... Like a phone number for example. I'm in the 4 row camp, it's the most refined mobile keyboard ever.

    Went back to my Q10 till it goes out and the Classic will be next device. The Q10 has 90% the functionality and usability of the Passport. In the end I couldn't justify the price of an unlocked Passport with a perfectly good Q10 sitting in the drawer.

    Held the Classic at the AT&T store the other day. It does "feel" like an upgrade even if the hardware isn't. And the toolbelt is everything it was meant to be, for a someone used to BlackBerry 10 OS. I'm glad the tactile "clickiness" is like the 9900 and not the Q10.

    Hope the next batch of keyboard BlackBerry phones bring a hybrid. Qla99ic form facter, Passport+ Specs, Touch capacitive keyboard, 4 Row keyboard, Toolbelt.

     Q10 
    03-07-15 09:45 AM
  23. wingnut666's Avatar
    I would've guessed the answer was 'no'.

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    03-07-15 10:03 AM
  24. langbanger's Avatar
    I have both as well. Used the Classic for a month to test. Back using my Passport as its a Beast! Haha. Classic is in the drawer with my Q10 as a good backup..

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    03-07-15 11:23 AM
  25. schelle15's Avatar
    LOL, I am glad I am not the only one that has both, I bought my Passport a month ago and the Classic on Friday only becuase my PP is back at Blackberry getting fixed, it was stuck on re-boot for days, the only other problem I had with the Passport is the keyboard feels out of balance in my hand, I have normal hands, but with the keys very low to the bottom of the device I really struggled with type. I will be keeping my PP I think as a backup and using the Classic as my daily :-)
    03-07-15 06:15 PM
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