1. eabbq10's Avatar
    CB10 on my Passport
    12-01-14 01:12 PM
  2. eabbq10's Avatar
    I know Axiom is the distributor and retailer there...

    CB10 on my Passport
    12-01-14 01:13 PM
  3. eabbq10's Avatar
    Not yet posted on the online store

    CB10 on my Passport
    12-02-14 12:04 AM
  4. Euan's Avatar
    John chen says "classic" device will launch in new york, frankfurt and singapore on dec. 17
    12-02-14 12:08 AM
  5. eabbq10's Avatar
    Thanks but I am hoping he meant there will be launch events in those cities but that the device will be rolled out to the other major cities in parallel...

    CB10 on my Passport
    12-02-14 03:45 AM
  6. function_analys's Avatar
    By all means, YES. BB flag store right before the Metro Link at the Dubai Mall confirmed this yesternight.
    12-02-14 06:05 AM
  7. eabbq10's Avatar
    Thanks that's good to know

    CB10 on my Passport
    12-02-14 06:24 AM
  8. NG888's Avatar
    I just called, different answers by different reps, some saying 20th or 21st this month, some saying end of month, anyone's guess, you could turn up today and they have it

    Posted via CB10
    12-17-14 03:08 AM
  9. mttomas's Avatar
    Axiom says 25th...
    12-17-14 03:55 AM

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