1. Lillieperl's Avatar
    I can use my BB Bold with the bluetooth in my car, but in order to make a call using Vlingo (voice recognition app), I have to hold down a button on the side of the phone while I say, "Call Bobby at work." So it's not truly handsfree. And with Vlingo, you sometimes have to look at the screen to confirm the number or text, which is a no-no under our city's new handsfree-phoning-in-car law.

    Will the BB Classic have some technology that allows you to use voice dialing without actually having to touch or pick up the phone (like, for example, the iPhone has)?
    01-15-15 09:27 PM
  2. Alain_A's Avatar
    No still have to press and hold the side key for a second.
    Use a Bluetooth to do that. It will repeat "you want to call x? Home or mobile". Something like that.just need one press. The rest is done by voice

    Z 30
    01-15-15 09:45 PM

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