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    Could you please five me some insiders..
    Q10 users are kind of NOT happy with the specs, size, slowness and nainly the unnecessity of the tool belt..
    Coming from full-touch like Z10 or 30, how does the Classic feel?

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    12-23-14 04:52 AM
  2. anon8330237's Avatar
    I'm coming from a Z10 (and 6 previous BlackBerry devices). I am not experiencing any of the issues mentioned in this forum. The Classic cured my 9900 nostalgia. I believe that the keyboard on the Q20 is the best ever built by BlackBerry.

    Can't tell you how much I missed those keyboard shortcuts. I can do almost anything without touching the screen.

    Love the weight and the back allows for a firm grip. The OS is amazing. This device is staying with me for a long time.

    People may experience some hardware issues (which I haven't) and should exchange their device if so. It's mainly them that are starting threads here, not the satisfied owners.

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    12-23-14 05:46 AM

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