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    First I would like like to say I'm not usually an impulse buyer, but with all the hipe I could not resist.

    Open my package from Amazon Sunday 12/21 on a preorder of 12/16. I opted for free delivery to help offset the sales tax. At the time of the order the eta showed 12/23-24. So when I received tracking info on a 12/20 delivery I was pumped. Never ordered from Amazon, so I was glad I didn't order from shopBB when I heard about all the customer service problems. My only regret was not to sign up for Prime's 30 day free trial. What enhanced the purchase was applying for Amazon's cc and 6mo financing.

    I'm on ATT and didn't want to wait 2mos for the SQC100-2 with wireless charging. Which I want because of my heavy usage. To much hipe to wait!

    I spent 2 hrs reviewing the instructions and going back to CB to make sure I did not mess up this new phone. Slagman5's thread FAQ was most helpful in assisting this and Raino's info on the different models assured me of what I was getting. Then I went to ATT for a sim card and had them check the settings for MMS/SMS. Again Slagman5 FAQ was helpful.

    By this time about 4 hours had elapsed and the battery showed 48%. I did not look at the battery when I open the device so I have no idea if it was fully charged.

    BlackBerry did a great job on the instructions for the OS7 to BB10 transition. Device Switch's app made the transfer easy. There's only one thing that should be done that they do not tell you. Configuring your Contact setting is important. I had the settings set to import the mail contacts. Since I have multiple mail accounts the sync consolidated this with my regular contacts so I imported over 1000 contacts. I took me a while to figure the settings out and I pain stakingly deleted the unwanted contacts. After 15 minutes I figured out how to do multiple deletes on BB10. It's not like OS7 where you use the track bar. When using Device Switch make sure the battery is fully charged on the OS7 device if you are transferring music or videos as this may take some time.

    Between all the monkeying around the battery only lasted 6hrs of heavy use. So I'm glad I bought a 2600mAh iFlash for a battery backup. I can see this will be a problem if you are away from home. The iFash is in transit so I was hooked to a wall plug half the night. I can fore see replacing the battery and maybe the charging port after 1yr for heavy users.

    The size of the Classic does not make it easy typing on your back in bed with small hands. Nor does the BB10 work as well as OS7. It does not come anywhere close to the speed of OS7 and it will take another year for the updates.

    If you know me you will know that I argued on many threads about OS7 vs BB10. This only confirms what I said before 10.2 and amplifies with 10.3 loaded. I can now say "I told you so" to all the die hard BB10 users that never owned a 9900 or they were not a heavy user.

    That being said there is nothing faster than the 9900 with the ergonomic keyboard for emails and texting. However the short comings of the Classic still out weighs having battery pulls and the 700mb of RAM.

    Someday the Classic will be better than than its' older brother, but not today. It is what it is. OS7 users have no other option for an upgrade today.

    I did not going into detail on all the cons as I have only been on this phone 18 hours.

    This summarizes my first day on the "Classic".

    I hope this assist OP coming from OS7 and advises new buyers so there is less disappointment.

    Feel free to post you pros and cons, but if you are going to say BB10 is faster as a work horse, please have the courtesy of having been a heavy user on OS7 and reviewing "my threads". Without the OS7 knowledge it would be like a soccer player telling me how to play football when they never played football. I don not want to make this thread a OS7 vs BB10 battle, but would like your opinion. This Thread to to assist others. I will be at gone most of the day so I will reply back PM.

    Thanking you in advance for your input and post.

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    I ordered a Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB microSD I think with the short coming of the hardware anything you can do to assist will help the lag. I could have ordered a 128GB generic for less $$ but I feel the speed is more important. Besides the microSD is not disposable so it will be use on the next phone. Quality vs Quantity

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    Keep us posted. BBOS users who skipped the other BB10s have a bit of unlearning to do. It will take a few weeks, but you'll get fast with BB10 too.

    From a Z30
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    Thank you for the insights and feedback! I jumped from OS6 on the 9810 to BB10's original launch on the Z10, with Android and iOS in between. I also used a Z30 at it's launch with whatever version of BB10 it came with. I hadn't used OS7 but I recall OS6 being pretty snappy as well, and if I understand correctly OS7 was lightyears ahead of OS6.

    BB10 is great and is definitely the direction we want to go in, there's no doubt about that -- That being said, there's a lot to learn from BBOS. No, BBOS wasn't the prettiest (matter of opinion, I thought it was great), but it was fast. It'd be wonderful if you could tweak or disable all the transitions, that'd help with application startup lag. Other things like that would be welcomed.

    In short, I completely agree that BBOS was a wonderful system. I feel BB10 is necessary and a good thing, but there's a lot BB10 could take from BBOS that would really bring a lot to the table.
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    The size of the Classic does not make it easy typing on your back in bed with small hands.

    Someday the Classic will be better than than its' older brother, but not today.

    Yes, I find it very difficult and awkward typing on my back in bed. Top heavy nature and low keyboard are the cause of this it would seem.

    Agree totally with your summary. BB7 is absolutely still the King of Productivity and Efficiency for anything text.
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    Here are some helpful links that is a must see:

    by Slagman5
    To help others I would post here.

    by Raino
    Raino can assit you if you are unsure of what model to buy.

    I thank both of these CBer's for their assistance. Their info is not hearsay.
    12-22-14 09:59 AM
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    I never own an 9900..you guys said it was the best......ok....How many years of build (refinement) did it take to get there????

    although I have a 9700 which was too small for me to type on it
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    I never own an 9900..you guys said it was the best......ok....How many years of build (refinement) did it take to get there????

    although I have a 9700 which was too small for me to type on it
    Oh it took a darn long time to get there. My very first BlackBerry was the 8130 Pearl -- I LOVED that device at the time, it was the most innovative thing I'd ever seen. It had a ball (da fuq?) and the full keyboard jammed into a dial pad (woah!). In hind sight it sucked quite substantially, that's why the Pearl only made a brief comeback with the Pearl Flip, but that was the state of things. After that I had the BlackBerry 8350i which changed my productivity world completely. Full keyboard, push to talk... I was in love. My next BlackBerry was the Storm, then the Storm 2. BLOWN AWAY I was. Screw the iPhone 3G :P Moving forward further I dropped in on the Torch 9800 and the following year the 9810. Again, I was thrilled. I never went to the Bold series, but jumping from those (with a few Android and iPhone units in between, and a Z10 and Z30) into a Classic will be a dream come true.

    That said, again, it's the overall consensus that the "prettifying" of the UI with all the transitions creates slow points, and hopefully they'll address that by allowing us to speed up or disable those damn transitions, which I agree are annoying on my Z10 and Z30, though tolerable at least considering I know those are multimedia/gaming phones and not productivity phones.
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    What model did you get via Amazon?
    12-22-14 02:13 PM
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    What model did you get via Amazon?

    Source: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...ic-faq-984520/
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