1. Jason Byers's Avatar
    I'm having a problem with the Amazon app that came with the phone (NOT the Amazon App Store). I get prompts for updates every day. I downloaded the app from the internet to overwrite and update it, and that worked for a week, but the constant update prompts are coming again. I always go through to update it, but it never goes through. I turned off Notifications for the app under Settings. I ALSO tried going to Notifications within the app itself and it always gives this error: "There is a problem with Google Service now. Please try again later." The Cobalt solution is waay to confusing for me. Certainly there must be some way to stop this!
    08-21-15 11:22 PM
  2. Don_Henry's Avatar
    I had the same problem - this is how I solved it:

    Download Ghost Commander from BB World - you can then uninstall the Amazon store app. in reality, it does not actually uninstall (you cannot uninstall it) - however, it becomes "virgin" as if you never launched it in the first place.

    So - after doing the above, the Amazon app will remain "dormant" as long as you don't launch it

    And the update notifications will stop.

    Z10 /3 - - AT&T (posted via CB10)
    08-22-15 12:09 AM
  3. Jason Byers's Avatar
    Thanks!! But I often like to order things on Amazon from my Blackberry...
    08-22-15 12:44 AM
  4. kgbbz10's Avatar
    I got the same 'Google play service error'. I don't have any updates though.
    I just went in the Amazon app store and downloaded the Amazon shop app, it said download, not update, as if I didn't have it installed already. When I installed it it said update instead of install. Updated just fine. Idk if you've tried this yet.

    flyingsolid likes this.
    08-22-15 01:46 PM
  5. rebroker2009's Avatar
    I wiped my phone and only install android apps I really need. I did have hundreds but never used 99% of them

    Blackberry Passport running
    08-22-15 01:48 PM

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