12-01-17 04:08 PM
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    Those are all some great points and thoughts, even the beer one ;-). However, I haven't heard any comments about the absolute best way to transfer data from the Classic to the Keyone, and how to back up my K1? I used that content transfer but it doesn't bring over everything. In fact one of the key things that I need badly is my password keeper! Am I going to have to re-type all of them into my K1? Also the number of texts I had on my Classic (40K) and the number transferred (3.5K) didn't even put a dent in the 40K :-(. I know people are probably thinking why do I need to keep so many text? Well it's simple I run a business and customers liked to be remembered, and I like to remember them as well, even if it was a conversations 3yrs ago! :-) DMDJ
    You should be able to export a backup from BB10 password keeper. Your choice of password protecting it or not. I think you can import the file on the android version.
    Enpass can import also. The native BB10 app can import PK and is cross platform with local or cloud backup. Sadly only 20 entries for the free version of the mobile app however each entry can hold more than one password.

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    11-30-17 07:00 AM
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    I'd have it on Wi-Fi and use it for email. And a place for notes and docs? An alarm? I'm holding on to my classic before I make the leap to a BlackBerry Keyone Black Edition

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    12-01-17 12:17 AM
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    You could use it as a media device, throw all your music on it and keep it mounted in the car? Could have GPS offline and free with OSMand (need apk).
    12-01-17 03:08 PM
  4. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    12-01-17 03:11 PM
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    I have a second number on my Z30 and keep it in my car in case I forget my Dtek60. I keep the SD card updated, but don't bother with the rest.
    12-01-17 04:08 PM
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