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    I have a regular alarm set on my BlackBerry Classic, however if I use my phone after midnight, my alarms will not work after that day without resetting them. I can only assume someone built in a 'minimum hours slept' function into the program to ensure all BlackBerry users are sleeping healthy amounts, however if I am up after midnight I need my alarm more to wake up in time for work. Can someone please tell me how I can ensure my alarm will actually go off when I set it.

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    07-14-15 09:27 PM
  2. CalSandi's Avatar
    Do you use Bedside Mode? If so, I think you would have to proactively set your clock /device to Bedside Mode AFTER you finish the call, which would be the time to confirm your alarm is turned on before entering Bedside Mode. Otherwise checking clock to make sure alarm is in 'ON' position should be easy post phone call. BTW, what happens after you turn off the alarm every morning?

    What a CLASSIC!
    07-14-15 10:43 PM
  3. ashyboi's Avatar
    Alarm is always on, it's a recurring alarm. I dismiss it for that day and when I do check before going to bed, it still says 'on' but does not actually work in the morning. I rarely use bedside mode because I find the screen is still too bright to keep by my bedside, so my classic is usually always on.

    I know this is a first world problem, would just like some kind of answer from BlackBerry as to why it happens or if it's a bug that needs fixing.

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    07-30-15 11:45 AM
  4. CalSandi's Avatar
    So you cannot be using the clock because you cannot "dismiss" the alarm and still have it 'on' for the next day. Is you use "dismiss" then you have set a Reminder in the calendar; once you Dismiss the reminder OF COURSE it has been dismissed! So you need to use the clock to set your alarm. Note that every day you need to make sure you turn on the alarm on the clock on before you go to sleep and it will ring (with whatever alarm tone you choose) at the correct time.

    What a CLASSIC!
    07-30-15 10:34 PM
  5. ashyboi's Avatar
    That is complete bull****. Why have the option for a recurring alarm if you have to reset it daily anyway. I used to do the same with my z10 and never had to reset it daily, it actually worked the way it should.

    And yes, when my alarm goes off in 'clock' I do hit 'dismiss' to turn it off for that day, I did the same with my z10, in the same built in clock app and it all worked fine.

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    07-31-15 04:14 PM
  6. CalSandi's Avatar
    I did not design the alarm or the clock. I only informed you how it works for me and my Classic.

    What a CLASSIC!
    07-31-15 06:12 PM

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