1. sacha_is_good's Avatar
    Firstly, I am TOTALLY getting a BlackBerry Classic. It looks brilliant.

    HOWEVER, the fact that I've seen action bars at the bottom of the screen makes me think BlackBerry absolutely missed a trick. I have the Q10 and my biggest gripe is the lack of screen retail. Even turning icon labelling off for the action bar, it feels like it still takes up too much space. But granted - it needs to be there.

    However, for the Classic, I feel like it doesn't. With the swipe to the left and the new menu button in the toolbelt, it feels like the action bar should be redundant. Or at the very least, there should be an option to turn it off. Sure, apps like Twitter will still need it but looking in the Hub, the items on the action bar will be where the menu button will take us. And let's be honest, the Hub is where we are missing the most screen retail.

    It's not a huge gripe and I'll get the Classic anyway but I would love to see an option in the Hub/each app to turn the action bar off entirely. The idea of some apps have an action bar just to take us back seems like a mistake - we'll soon be able to swipe back, hit the on screen icon AND press the button on the toolbelt.

    Anyway, like I said, hopefully there'll be an option to eventually get rid of the action bar in specific apps.

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    12-18-14 09:41 AM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    They really need two separate OS. One for all touch and one for the QWERTY devices, what is need on one is a hindrance on another.

    (yes they could do one, and just have features turn on or off.... but the OS is getting pretty big these days with all the extra code I assume the Passport needed)
    12-18-14 09:47 AM
  3. sacha_is_good's Avatar
    Giving this a little bump as I installed 10.3.1 on my Q10 and, having conducted a little audit, bar Twitter, I can't really see ANY native apps or setting that truly require the action bar on the Classic. I really do hope BlackBerry release an option for Classic owners to switch off the Action Bar if they want as all the options seem to be in the menu. Also, the back key voids the need for Action Bars which are there just to have a back button on screen.

    Might be a pipe dream but it would be nice, considering the amount of effort to reinstate the toolbelt back into the OS, to have the OPTION to have more reliance on the physical keys than the on screen options. Also, at 720x720, it really would be nice to free up another line or however much to be able to see more on screen.

    A terribly worded post but I hope you all get where I'm coming from.

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    01-10-15 12:38 AM
  4. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    Action Bar - wasted opportunity-img_20150110_024553.png
    Don't bash it before you try it

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    01-10-15 01:46 AM
  5. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    Also try to reduce the font size in display settings. Watch what happens to the hub.

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    01-10-15 01:47 AM
  6. sacha_is_good's Avatar
    Yeah, I've changed my font to 5 and have the action bar scrolling thing turned so it doesn't appear when scrolling. I just thing with the addition of a physical menu key on the Classic, there should be an option to entirely remove action bar. Who knows, hopefully it will happen in time.

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    01-10-15 03:17 AM
  7. buu511's Avatar
    Don't have the option to hide the scrollbar on my Classic. Only on my Q10, both using 1154.
    01-10-15 04:02 AM
  8. kja123's Avatar
    Don't have the option to hide the scrollbar on my Classic. Only on my Q10, both using 1154.
    And the option has some effect only on BlackBerry apps. It doesn't work on 3rd party apps out of the box.

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    01-10-15 05:18 AM
  9. anon(5777997)'s Avatar
    I don't have that option on my classic either, but I'm more than happy with everything on it

    Posted via CB10
    01-10-15 06:07 AM

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