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    Hey guys, for some reason in the settings menu, if I click on "Accounts" to set up the different accounts I have set up, the screen would dim for a few seconds as if it's about to load, then it'll just go bright again and the Accounts app will never load. I thought updating to 10.3.3 would fix it but apparently it wasn't a "newer" file so sachesi didn't update it. Everything works perfect so I don't want to spend time on a destructive update and setting everything back up. Anyone point me to which bar files I need to load from the 10.3.3 package? I don't need you guys to upload them or anything, just point out which ones they are by naming them. Thanks. :-)

    Edit: Is "sys.settings.accounts-" it? If so, then it should have been one of the newer files installed, so don't know why it still doesn't work...

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    12-03-16 09:07 PM