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    I can't post it on the front page article, so here's my copy/paste:

    My Amazon review seems to have disappeared, but I'm here to warn you that this is not a good product. The Convert case is fantastic, but the holster SUCKS. The clip is too short!

    The holster clip is shorter than the one on the Convert for the Bold 9900!

    The seidio Surface holster also has a longer clip than this (although still shorter than the 9900 holster), and does a better job staying balanced in your pocket. Problem is, the Surface case is just a flimsy piece of plastic that sure isn't worth 30 bucks.

    My solution was the Seidio Surface holster and a Body Glove case. The BG is a bit snug in the holster, but it does hold it and it won't pop out.

    I need to get around to taking pictures to illustrate my point... but I wouldn't recommend the Convert combo, even at the sale price.

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    06-17-15 10:11 AM

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