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    Hi guys,

    maybe some of you see me here for a while, since I was planning to buy a Classic. I had my points against it but all of them were forgotten as I seen a blue one for real and was able to actually use a Classic for a short but good amount of time.
    I was just waiting for my paycheck to come in next days to place my order for a blue Classic.

    Now, after Whatsapp released, that they will drop BB10 by the end of the year, I'm just dejected. I use Whatsapp for the most part of my screen on time. A BlackBerry should be a communication beast and I'm just using it for communication. A few Task for an organiser, a few web searches, a few crackberry addicting and some work on text files. But about for 60%, if not more, I'm dependent to Whatsapp, since nobody is willing to stop using this crap and use something more secure. But even Telegram or Signal (formerly TextSecure) aren't there for BB10 and I really do not like to recommend BBM since it's loaded with this annoying subscriptions and stickers and so one.
    Therefore, I'm faced with the thought, that I was about to pay 370 for a Device which lasts me about 10 months. Rationally thinking I can not do that, since as a student I have an average monthly income of 120 to 150. I can not afford to buy devices every year. On the other side I'm just in love with this gorgeous BlueBerry. I know or ,at least, I think I know that it is wrong to buy a BB10 Device now after BlackBerry itself and Whatsapp - the two most important for my user case - shut down their support. Maybe this have to settle, but for now, I just do not want to believe it.
    To be honest, I have no clue, where I'm heading now. I start realising, that BB10 is the sinking ship it is and at least for me it is too far to justify a purchase about 370. I would love to be able to say otherwise, but I am afraid that it is not worth it.

    But what's the alternative?

    I came from Android and changed it against BB10 because I hated it. Formerly I used to have a Palm Pre and later a HP Pre 3. Back then HP killed Palm within a few weeks and webOS even only one day after the launch of their own webOS devices. It is everytime "the Good" who are getting killed, sadly not only from the competition but mainly from their owners. BB10 is just a new entry to the forsaken like webOS that never really had a chance due to big flaws by their developers, suffering from their incompetence in not building, but marketing an awesome OS.
    But now I do not see an alternative. I'm not willing to buy a Android I can not root. I definitely preclude to buy iOS or windows devices. I do not trust Apple and Microsoft even less. The Priv is too big with a too squishy keyboard. It is a bad joke for everyone who needs a BlackBerry for mobile messaging. Additionally it is unrootable and odds are high that nobody can change that. Good for BlackBerry since they would be doomed if their only left horse would not be the best one.

    So, basically I'm sitting here, writing my thought and have to admit, that the smartphone market does not offer any option for me, which will last me long enough to justify a purchase. Maybe BlackBerry will come up with a nice device later this year or they just close down their hardware division and I am not only forced to use Android but also have to miss the keyboard. It's just a shame that the world is like it is today. The only reasonable options for the most of people are giant sized Phones with a slow java based OS administrated by a data mining company or, well, Apple. Even with spending millions of dollars for marketing, Microsoft is surviving but not a inch more than that. Yeah, that are first world problems, but I think it's just horrible.
    For now, I will wait for my money, than spending every spare time in a phone shop to try out the phones their to eventually choose one of them without thinking too much about it. I just want to share my thought on this. Do not really know, why exactly but I'm curious, what people will respond to this one.
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    02-29-16 06:15 AM
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    Tsk! There's no need to be hysteric, dude. I'm sure you can still install and use the BB10 version of whatsapp, just having no update, is all. And even then, you can still install and use the android version flawlessly.

    This is the Android's Whatsapp on my Passport, installed through Cobalt's Google Play, right after deleting the BB10 version. No problem whatsoever here. I can even backup my chat history. The only problem is when they ask for Google Play service to save and backup history over to the Google Drive, but that's optional. It's even notified in the Hub, but rather differently: all whatsapp notifications are gathered together in a single notification drawer in the Hub. After you access it, and open the linked chat, the notification is gone.

    Oh yeah, I can also make free wifi whatsapp calls, just like when using the BB10 version.

    About to buy a Classic .. now just disillusioned-img_20160229_003139.jpg
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    02-29-16 06:38 AM
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    Which version of WhatsApp are you using?
    07-24-18 10:28 AM
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    Have you checked out Nemory Studios this guy makes apps like Face10 also has WhatsUp10 I purchased the Face 10 works like charm. I'm not a what's app user so I can't give feed back, but worth a try if that's what you need.
    08-02-18 10:04 AM
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    Caveat emptor. 😕
    08-02-18 10:32 AM

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