1. NikoB82's Avatar
    Just a positive status update. I have had my classic for 6 months now and still performing very well. Have not had any instance of double typing or lag.

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    09-04-15 09:06 AM
  2. Michael Dunn1's Avatar
    Great to hear, thanks!

    Work just gave me a Classic, hoping she holds up, been an interesting change since having the Passport for 9 months.

    Posted with the accuracy of the Classic
    09-04-15 09:13 AM
  3. conbrio29's Avatar
    That's great to hear! I've only had my Classic for two weeks now and it feels like a phone that'll definitely be able to stand up to the test of time. It feels like a phone with a solid build quality and very durable materials. The steel perimeter edge is a nice touch, the keyboard keys feels premium, the Gorilla Glass feels like it'll hold well, and the battery feels hefty. Overall, one great device!

    I find myself often just typing extra on my posts just for the sake of feeling the physical keyboard at work! So satisfying!

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    09-06-15 09:18 AM
  4. Upright-Underground's Avatar
    I am at the 5 month mark. Still love it! The OS is still very enjoyable. Battery life is wicked awesome!

    Granted- I do have double typing and have to proof read but really (just had to remove extra a from really) don't mind. For all I know my thumbs are the issue.

    Love having SD card again.

    Maps maybe a little slow, but I will take that as a have a file manager, can forward voice mails and I love the track pad.

     Classic
    09-06-15 10:46 AM
  5. jas1978's Avatar
    That's great news. Sadly, my Classic started having a double-typing issue after 4 months. It's such a good phone and such a shame I had to stop using it. The size, the weight, the screen, the trackpad, and the ease of typing were great. I hope a Classic II is in the works for 2016.

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    09-06-15 01:19 PM
  6. Don_Henry's Avatar
    Upright and jas: the latest leak ( has solved the double typing issue. Check the DT thread in the Classic forum; also check the OS thread in the leaked OS forum - you will find many posts from Classic owners who have not had any DT since they installed this OS.

    Fixing the DT was listed in the change log by BlackBerry as one of the improvements in this latest OS.

    Z10 /3 - - AT&T (posted via CB10)
    09-06-15 01:58 PM
  7. jas1978's Avatar
    Thanks for getting info. Will try it out.

    Posted via CB10
    09-06-15 02:02 PM
  8. JeBe4's Avatar
    I want steel around the entire frame.......i dropped my device and well....

    J Be....Here But Gone...
    09-07-15 07:33 AM
  9. ginmit's Avatar
    After the latest leak ( most of all my double typing problems have been solved. According to the beta release notes they apparently have actually worked on it!
    (I'm guessing they reduced the response time of the same key being pressed like say 50-100ms; I could be very wrong here but i'm sure that it has improved a LOT for my classic).
    6 month mark-img_20150907_183105.png

    BlackBerry Classic, Passport and Z30 .
    09-07-15 08:02 AM
  10. GraCal's Avatar
    This Leak is now an official release.

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    09-09-15 01:58 AM
  11. Sakura1210's Avatar
    Just a positive status update. I have had my classic for 6 months now and still performing very well. Have not had any instance of double typing or lag.

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    I'm getting mine next week. Honestly can't wait...
    09-09-15 02:27 AM
  12. MikeClassic's Avatar
    Had mine for about same time, double typing from one and half 2 months and I just got it exchanged. Not long ago at telstra, sent away for repair and they replaced the phone. No double typing now and seemingly better battery.

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    09-09-15 03:19 AM
  13. schlemer's Avatar
    Tomorrow (Sept 10th) will mark 9 months with my Classic. Only issues I have are with Dropbox (slow and does not load all my photos) and FB. Otherwise, I love my little tank.
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    09-09-15 07:08 AM

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